8th June 08

I think iv finally found my answer to my personal life status, it may not b an answer i want but something i may have to live with…
it often hurts to know the truth…but its a universally known fact that the truth hurts!! i think my days are bluer and gloomier not just because of the weather but because this is life… ill never forget this person who touched my life..more importantly who touched my soul… im glad i had many firsts with this person but life will go on…
iv also come to realise the Prayer and God is my only weapon and everything i want or need will only come from God and his blessings… i cant tell you im the holiest person you have ever met but my Journey back to Him has begun because iv many atime left His path… but He has made me stronger and made me understand where i’v gone wrong… iv done alot of things up to this moment that in some ways are a crime…but from today i vow to change it….iv decided to let go all my bad habits and start over…start a new life and begin again…im glad my God has given me the opportunity to do it and this time around i wont abuse it…
in the days to come ill explain the changes and may need help…but atleast its a beginning and i have to start somewhere… i haveto begin my clearing the clutter of my past and starting a fresh…
to all you readint this, this morning… i hope you have an awesome day and an AHA moment…love always…


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