F*ck yoU!!

F*ck you!!!
To all the honkers out there! You’re damaging your own grey cells!
To all the backstabbers who’ve betrayed me, what goes around comes around!
To all the men who’ve cheated on me, i was playing you too!
To all the vicious women in trains, be nice or i’ll push you out soon!
To all the terrorists, get a job!
To all the people who cover the nose when i smoke, remove the log in your eye!
To all the shoulder surfers – get your own god-damn ATM pin, chatroom, message people!!
To all the customer care centres, no i dont want a free credit card, im not interested in a job change and i dont want to increase my credit limit!!!
And to all you who hate me:
I’m sorry that you grew up in such unfortunate circumstances as to render you totally void of common courtesy and table manners,
I’m so sorry that you were born with the IQ of an ostrich.. egg..
I’m sorry you have the EQ of an ostrich.. egg..
I’m sorry you are so insecure that you have to put others down to make yourself feel better, but it isn’t better.
Sorry to break it to you, it just makes you look more petty, unprofessional and insecure,
I’m sorry that you seem to find faults and complain about everything and anything under the sun when what’s really humankinds’ pain in the ass is you,
I’m sorry you’re ugly.. and I’m not talking about your appearance,
I’m sorry that at your age, you still haven’t learned how to be gracious and sensitive towards other’s feelings,
I’m sorry you have such lack of principles and foresight!!!


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