its been awhile…

Gosh, its been awhile since i’ve written, and boy what a roller coaster have i been on…
But i need to touch base before i lose it… and over these last few months, God knows iv lost it!
Being brought up abroad for almost all of my life, India is such a culture shock..yes i smoke…yes i drink! yes i get drunk..but i dont f*cking fall on ppl like most of the women you see at these pubs n clubs, and let me clarify something a PUB and a CLUB are two very different ladies stop asking louder music at PUBS!! thats just not done!!! And attire at CLUBS!! u’d think the president visited it every night or our youth feels that if they were to get drunk and felt up, they need to look pretty, and by GOSH do are they right…bout getting drunk and felt up that is…
and the Men…yeeeesshhh…iv never seen agression in this form…if theyre single Holy Baloney do they mingle…and oogle! (Not google, but oogle!!) “yea, dude, my eyes are up here!!”
A woman smoing usually warrants all eyes on you…like what? this is two thousand f*cking eight not 1908!!! We’ve evolved since then!! And now with the latest ban to be effective on October 2, 2008 to ban smoking, i think im gonna get p*ssed off even more…
Why cant they ban paan? and gutka? and fine ppl for spitting mawa, and red blotching our roads? Its a good idea to note that most of our politicians and apparently authoritive figures have these vices!! so why shud they stop that? can u imagine ppl stop smoking and start chewing tobacco, we’ll soon be swimming in our own spew!
Lets not talk about trains!!! Since when have women become vicious??? Geezz…. i have limited knowledge of the hindi language, however thanks to these women i know am a veteran in all the “ghalies!!” nothing that i am proud, although now if i do get shoved, i know just the right word to use!!!
On another note, i admire the patriotism…the zeal to be a better nation.
Im amazed at the stance ppl take when the National Anthem comes on at the multiplex, you’d think they are all retired naval officers…or the outreach when it comes to education initiatives…this land has taught me alot… im glad im here…


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