Why PR is O-so-Great!

Ive been around the PR industry for awhile now… Im no veteran but i know my stuff…
I know that media isnt at my beck and call and wont cold call! But will media change their mind?
India media is so abruptly blunt, its not funny! and i have dealt with millions of journo’s nationally and internationally, just not the Indian media fraternity and now i thank God for it… to be faced with such behavior as a fresher i’d keel under their responses!

Why are they so hard-friggin hearted, yet when they need a story done, you’d think we’d become messiahs…oh no we dont…we’re supposed to be at their beck and call…like fanfuckingtabulous…

Sorry Mr. Jouno, but personally i give as much respect as i get! Be nice and i dont bite..atleast you’ll never see me bite! The thing is the impression the PR industry has formed in India lacks the authencity it has. We’re just clubbed as selling, marketing, advertising people with a made up name niche! Sorry to burst your bubble you imbeciles, but brush up, we put clients at the fore front, we analyse them, until their blood flows through our veins.. we send out the image you see them have and we do it just because we love what we do…

PR has nothing to do with selling, or advertising for that matter..if you PR’itize well, you dont even need advertising! The same goes for marketing! PR is all about image… although i dont deny the media aspect of it, media plays a very minute roll…we got to get media venues right or we’re in for a load of shit…literally.

So, bottom line, we dont sell, we dont advertise, we dont market and we definately dont deserve low behavior from journo’s!

Public Relations has and always will be what it is… and if you dont get it, then i suggest you dont judge!


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