Boredom leads to this!!!

Hi there. Yes, I know it’s been awhyle!! But so f*cking what???

Recently due to a random turn of events, i am now a totally new person!!! Im still f*ckin 23 thou, i dont know how to stay this way!! I havent been in a relationship for awhile and i am now trying to find out what i ever did see in it??? i love my boys, and i have more of them, than girls which is good, cus girls and theyre gossipping and bitching can totally turn me off…and boys welll…aghhh they drive me nuts at times…its like a love-hate relationship thats usually bordering on hate!! LoL!

Let me tell you a few random things about me –
1. I like helium balloons, red clown noses and killing red ants!

2. I like soda and scotch on the rocks. Without the soda.

3. I have a temper that’s negligible but provoke it and the volcanos of Sicily will seem like regular mountains! I dont keep grudges but i never forget!

4. I am more spiritual than religious and yes, i know the difference!!

5. I like to pen down random thoughts. I like to use abusive language in my posts as i believe that it helps me express my f*cking emotions better. I can talk on anything, sex, ‘taboo’ness, gore, cannibalism and most of all i dont like judging people, I know judging isnt right, and that ‘judge not lest ye be judged’. But you can judge me all you like. You know I’m judging you right back.

6. I may not be right all the time, but neither am i wrong!!

7. As far as tech things go – I dont know HTF is Chrome different from IE and FF. Im not turned on or ga-ga over the iphone and think my phone satisfies my ipod needs. But on the recommendation of a tech literate friend, i’ve recently started using FFox. i love the fact it gives me the error message “your last session was terminated unexpectedly. would you like to ‘restore previous session or ‘restart’” total PASS!!!. Go firefox.

8. I love movies. If movies were judo, I’d be the GRAND MASTER!!!

Okay, that’s enough now. How bout we play a little game. It’s called ‘Ask Me Whatever You Like’.

The rules – you ask me any question. Personal, embarrassing, private, sexual, intellectual, rhetorical. And I will answer. As honestly as I possibly can.


Ps: want more random shite on me? follow me on twitter (punkpolkadots) unless iv changed, shit luck then!!!


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