Browser Wars 2.0 ; FF is now trying to go ‘private’

Mozilla made it clear that Private Browsing was so not in the agenda for them in the next revsion of Firefox.

However in recent news, the open-source group indirectly announced that the privacy feature, during which the user’s browsing session stores no info locally, will definately make it into Firefox 3.1 due sometime next month.

Whats with the change??? Well, bring on the Browser War 2.0!!!

It was stressed that Mozilla would implement the feature in a way that offered true private mode instead of simply clearing the browser cache or removing temporary internet files.

Genetically, the buzz around Google Chrome and IE 8 moving along with privacy-mode features has forced the same down Mozilla’s throat, keeping up with the Jones’ i might say! Not neglecting the fact that Apple too has the feature in its Safari browser.

Its been in the pipeline for Mozilla, for along time coming now but their struggle has been stomped by how can they really offer REAL privacy to end users? Going by my thinking or rather collected thinking, Firefox 3.1 will:

  • Discard all cookies acquired during the private session.
  • Not record sites visited to the browser’s history.
  • Not autofill passwords, and not prompt the user to save passwords.
  • Remove all downloads done during the session from the browser’s download manager.

Which in turn makes the following components aware of the private browsing mode by preventing them from writing anything to disk in this mode:

  • Cache service
  • Cookies service
  • Permissions manager
  • SSL Certificate exception manager
  • History service
  • Form/Search bar auto-complete history manager
  • Download manager
  • Login manager
  • Content-specific preferences manager
  • Session restore service
  • Error console service

Makes sense? Let the wars begin!!!!


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