Would you???

So here’s the ting… I recently got to reading about taboo’s and what’s more taboo than sexual taboo?
Being the opinionated person I am, I had to voice it out you know?
So the question of the day is if you ever got the chance randomly or in a committed relationship, in order to either satisfy yourself or even the other person… Would you role play? Sexually?
From my history, I’ve seduced men for higher grades, indulged in random romps from wealthy guys at bars and also been a mistress to a couple of married men.
Although you may be trying to stifle your shock and bring your eyebrows down to normal composure I am not ashamed by any of them. Infact I think my sex ed was quite poor prior to these experiences and after this my satisfaction was heightened because most of these experiences were infact “taboo”! I think my non-existant remorse largely had to deal with the fact that I knew that none of my encounters would cause any suffering to anyone related or not. Also I knew there was no chance of getting “found out”, by school administration, law enforcement, these men’s wives or even by my significant other, if I had one at that time. Although you may think “Gosh, what a sl*t! Such illicit sex” the fact remains that I was just role playing with my with my monogamous partner at the time.
Monogamy isn’t always a good thing, it can be synonymous to MONOTONY and knowing the jumpbug I am…MONOTONY is a no-no in my book!! But I do desire a satisfactory monogamous relationship and ill be for keeps, although that is so not likely!! I love the freedom and independence!!!
So ironically, I think that role play is a great solution to Monogamy. Cause if you actually think about it, or atleast when I was role playing was that I was being sexual with a man who I chose to explore a monogamous relationship with and so I did not have to address any potential consequences for my actions. And yet, at the same time, even though I was being sexual with someone whose body was intimately familiar to me, there was the heightened thrill of stepping outside of acceptable sexuality. The mind is the biggest sexual organ and it is amazing what the imagination – and some creative, sexy costumes – will allow you to experience.
So here’s why you should consider SRP:
It helps increase your relationship needs and that’s just not sexually!! Cus it requires communication, which everyone will agree is the foundation of any relationship!!!*
*Costumes are a fun way to be sexy! Even lingerie, as fabulous as it is, can get stale. Also, this is the perfect time to try your hand at sexual role playing as it is Halloween season. I suggest browsing a costume website to gather ideas for scenarios (Cheerleader/football player? Flight attendant/unruly passenger? Egyptian goddess/worshipper? Etc.)
*Sometimes, life can be so freaking serious that it’s essential we learn ways to let loose to improve our life quality. Sexual role playing opens us up to the potential of feeling silly since, most of us are not professional, or even amateur, performers so acting out the scenarios may not come easily (but hopefully you will). Additionally, a willingness to be silly together also shows your commitment to one another.
*Sexual role playing requires an awareness of one’s own fantasies some of which are truly our “deepest and darkest” fantasies. This expression doesn’t exist for nothing. Some of our fantasies truly are buried. Focusing on an increased knowledge of your own sexual self lends itself to increased sexual satisfaction.
*Sexual role playing pushes our boundaries and helps us explore the taboo nature of our own sexuality without risk. A lot of sexual fantasies revolve around elements of power, for example, and you can explore these scenarios related to common structures of power such as employer/employee without actually risking your job or professional employment.
*We get to live out our sexual fantasy without risking the one we love!
*The only limitation is our imagination. If you’ve always fantasized about sexing an extra-terrestrial, for example, sexual role playing allows you this opportunity.
*Novelty is a necessary element of a stimulating sex life with a consistent long-term partner.
Obviously, I’m a firm believer in sexual role play; but the real question is if you would ever sexual role play?


2 thoughts on “Would you???

  1. ::::SRP:::::
    wanted to try that out since ages but seems like my EX never agreed she always wanted it plain n simple……
    well i totally agree that it adds spice n kinkyness to a rather stale sex life..

    all in all a really coool post keep it up babe…… 😉

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