Dial M for Murder

So, im back to my angst moods and want to rave how unfair a world we live in!!
I simply despise the stupid people who are allowed to vote, without proving they are intelligent enough to make good decisions.

Everyone sucks, and you know it.

We put our money into war instead of into research.

We reduce peoples freedoms in the name of ‘protection from terrorism’.

The Artic Monkeys haven’t come out with a new album in a while, and that angers me.

People take their belief in their gods WAY too seriously; like, come on people. Let it rest. Keep it to yourself. Why should you believe I’m going to hell simply because I don’t believe in your God? That’s pretty mean, and downright shitty of you.

People don’t read enough!

People made American Idol.

People made Americas Top Model.

(I could go on in the television area, but it’d just get repetitive.)

We have a system that lets politicians LIE, and we just smile and accept it as ‘normal’.

In the past there were no weapons of mass destruction, was there?

Parents aren’t supposed to spank their kids, and have you seen what this generation is doing?

We give people a slap on the wrist for crime in this country. “Oops, I was street-racing, and killed someone, so the cops grounded me for a year.” FUCK THAT SHIT, give the little fucker jail time. What are you people fucking retarded?

People are retarded. Sofaking Wetoddid.

Our politicians make too much money, while our poor make not enough; equalize it. Give them the same wages as everyone else on welfare; they’re sucking on the government tit too, might as well make it fair.

On a more serious note….

I am thankful for my eyes so that I can see all the joy (oh boy!) and suffering, but there have been places where I’ve seen the whole world sin…
Often I pray at night for their souls, but it makes me angry cus why should I pray for their mindless fucking sins??? Its their fault! It’s his fault he drank, got wasted, drove his car and killed a girl…its ironic how that girl was his daughter! Maybe it was Karma…

Its not my fucking fault you lost your virginity to the clown from the other side of town, it’s a part of a human’s divinity… and also your fucking stupidity!! Why would you wanna get rammed by some random ugly dick head???

Why do people kill the innocent? Prove what point? Smoke a joint? Gain a cent?

Yea, well write to me ill give you a few cents…biatches!

Why is the world more evil than good? Why does it take pleasure in my pain? Don’t you realize, you’ll all go to hell for it? Guess not, they rang another bell, Dial M for Murder!

How do they sleep at night? Do you dream or have nightmares? Why can’t u see the world thru my eyes? Do you see how u will die and how u will burn?

Do they even sleep to dream–it only builds vulnerability…If they did sleep, And if they did dream, They would have taken their own lives!!!


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