Bite me!

Awhile ago, another blogger tagged me to do a meme…and because it was my first time… i stuck out for awhile… i just want ready to let go of my meme cherry, i dint want it to be sloppy like my first time…

My todays my big today… im so gonna pop my meme cherry!!

Yea so my boss is out of town and i need to exploit this connection, before she gets back!!! In the heat of being busy, or pretending to be so, and the workload multiplying by, oh, the kazillions, its much easier to say “FUCKIT!” To blogging, surfing or whatever!

Five Things Meme (Although this is so to the point, unlike me!)

Five things I am passionate about:

1. French fried dipped in ice cream.

2. Sarcasm.

3. Music. And all its bastard children – playing it, listening to it, dancing to it, singing it, creating it, jamming in my work chair to it. I suppose this means I am also passionate about bastard children.

4. Quality company. Like the company of really kickass people. And not, say, The Hershey Company. Although I probably wouldn’t turn down the company of this Hershey.

5. Maintaining a general animosity towards voicemail and diet sodas.

Five things I want to do before I die:

1. Visit every country (yes, every). Keep track on my world map with push pins.

2. Personally visit Richard Gere and maybe pinch his behind and more…

3. Own a (female) Poodle. Name it Roger. Or Biscuit.

4. Run a marathon. Try not to die. Scuba the Great Barrier Reef. Again: Try not to die.

5. Raise children in England; get them to develop kickass accents. (And, right, try not to die.)

Eight things I say often:


2. I’m so BORED!

3. Faggotcrap, loser, dum*fuck, dum*ass…

4. You say that like its a bad thing! (My typical response for anything debaucherous.)

5. But baaaaaabe.

5 books I’ve read recently:

1. The Alchemist, Brida – Because I worship Paulo Coelho. The man makes me want to actively ponder the question of life. And people as fucked up as I do not normally feel encouraged to venture too deeply into such arena of thought.

2. The Secret – Rhonda Byrne. She’s pretty insane too!

3. Superstar India – Shobha De. (What a fucking bunch of contradictions…ridiculous really.)

4. Almost single – Advaita Kala. Until victory, always.

5. You are Here – Menakshi Reddy Mahadevan. It’s an inspiration to me, personally, what MRM does with this book.

5 Movies I have seen Eight times:

(I’m going to read “eight times” to mean “a lot”.)

1. Shawshank Redemption

2. My Best Friends Wedding

3. Coyote Ugly (Gosh, i love those women!)

4. Fight Club (One of the few movies adapted from a book that I may prefer over the book. I’m disturbed. But Chuck Palahniuk disturbed? Frankly, my overactive imagination doesn’t need the encouragement.)

5. Magnolia. No, Godfather 1. Or maybe Godfather 2. Hold on. Pulp Fiction? Old School? Wait. Definitely Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Or Traffic. NO. The Saint starring Val Kilmer. NO. BEST IN SHOW. OR WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT? GAH.

5 people who should do this meme:

Any and all meme virgins. Because I’m not ashamed to say I was your first time and you shouldn’t be either.


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