Why i love me!!! :)

This morning as i woke up to a bunch of messages and emails and went through it all…one by one…more than my mesgs my mails helped me understand why i love myself, my messages just proved there were fucking creepy guys who still want to get into a girls pants!!! Yeesh!!!

But…i love being me!! It’s been a fucking long journey for me to figure that out. We spend so much ass-faced time mulling and trying to improve what we hate, mostly for all the wrong reasons…to make other people happy like God knows they deserve it. Even now, it’s the nature of this beastly business I’ve thrown myself headfirst into-“good enough” is not in the dictionary here in PR land. But you know what? There are some things about everybody that are just plain good. Here are some of mine:

The color of my eyes…I used to want blue eyes because I think they’re so beautiful, but then I thought of all the things I love that are brown; newly wet mud, my favorite pair of sneakers, the bark of a tree…you get my point…

I am a wise-ass disgustingly girly girl..and I love it. I could try on clothes and makeup for hours at a time, and if I could blanket the whole world with pink cotton candy, I’d do it.

Feel like puking yet?

The truth is, it makes me a good best friend, shopping buddy, and big sister-try me sometime. Then again, I will climb trees rolling in the mud picking up worms with the best of em’! A family of boys tend to make it hard to be girly. I love to play football and soccer and baseball and don’t care if I am the only girl out there making a fool of myself!

My sense of humor…poop will ALWAYS be a funny word. Say it, I know you want to. Say it out loud…POOP!

Yup, still funny.

My sensitivity…so yeah, I probably cry… especially when im really hurt… I have this big goofy bleeding heart and if you look close enough you can see it dangling on my sleeve, and it’s gotten me some of the best experiences of my life.

The shape of my nose-designed especially for my face by nature! Why would I get rid of it to look like everybody else? I’m not perfect but parts of me are very awesome!

I love that whenever the opportunity presents itself I am taking pictures and making memories! It is a special gift to be able to look at the ordinary and make it extraordinary. I have recently been the girl with the camera permanently glued to her bag that pops out at the right time. I guess that is what makes my job suit me so very well. I meet awesome celebrities and uber cool people daily and never miss a networking opportunity.

Of course, everybody can improve on a few things too…these are mine:

My overwhelming desire to be liked…why am I so needy for approval? Is it bothering you that I’m asking? Because I could stop. Do you want me to stop? Whatever makes you happy.

My inability to manage money. (*me watching infomercial*-“wow! I don’t have one of those! I definitely need a [cake pan, home acne care kit, sparkly cubic zirconium ring, horse-sized diet pill] “…) That being said my business accounts are always on point and there is always enough to go around so maybe I am just being anal.

My clumsiness. No, never mind. I do end up with a lot of mystery bruises, but then again I have some funny stories too. So I’ll keep that one.

The anti-soberism flowing through my body…I am addicted to alcohol. I am a total pub crawler. If I can’t drink YOU under the table I will surely die trying.3 4 5 bottles a nite I should sooooo be dead right now. Yeah I know I know but beer pong is sooo much fun and besides liquor makes the world fade away!

So what’s the lesson of this entry? No harm in striving to be a better version of you….but don’t get rid of the things that make you special. Take a piece of wisdom from a slam book entry:

Stay the same! Don’t ever change! Love ya forever!


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