Random Conversations with friends..i sh*t you not!

In the car with Rahul and Kate.
Me: Rahul, ok, lets play a game, you ask us both a question, like “What is your favorite color?” and then we’ll both answer for each other, to show how well we know each other. Meaning you ask us the same question and we’ll both answer it for each other.
Rahul: Ok.
Me: Start.
Rahul: When is Jan’s [his girlfriends] birthday?
Me: What? No no no, I mean, you ask us something about us.
Rahul: Oh, ok ok. Name all the colors in the rainbow.
Me: WTF????


In a chatbox.

Kate: Come we’ll play a game! [Hahaha who is this no-life person always suggesting games .] I throw something and then you must catch it, and then you throw something else also. Like this: Kate: *throws pigs to Michelle* then you must: Michelle: *catches pigs and throws crayons* then Kate: *catches crayons and throws apples* And so on. Understand?
Michelle: Ok ok!
Kate: *catches apples and throws Rahul*
Michelle: *catches Rauhl*
(after like 5 seconds)
Kate: You must throw something back. Okay again. I’ll start. *catches Rahul and throws pancakes*
Michelle: *throws pigs at Rahul*
Kate: Ur useless …


From SMS to MSN.

Me: (to Kristen and Dilani) EMERGENCY. COME ONLINE.
Dilani: I’m online. What.
Me: Oh thank God you’re online! I want you to see this bag …

In my Sunday Teahc India classes,
Me: Why does China have Olympics?
Kid: Because China has got a lot of old people.

Me: No, i mean, why is China a good country to host the Olympics?
Kid: Because China got Beijing.


In the train (to Mulund),
Me: Why so many people sit train one…
Charmaine : Because they have no money to buy a car.

One reason why i love my peeps!!!


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