My Obsessions ….

Ok, So i got tagged by Freya to do this…

I am constantly obsessing on stuff. My past obsessions have been Jelly Beans (I will go through phases where I have insane cravings for them, of course now that I wrote this I need to get Jelly Beans), Paulo Coelho & John Grisham (I am constantly buying their books), raisins (I will buy organic health mix snacks and spend an hour picking out the raisins. I cannot stand them. My mother made me sick of them, when I was a child. Not to mention they look like dead flies). I will hunt forever to find a specific pair of shoes or underwear. I once went to every bloody lingerie store in Bahrain to find a specific bra!!!. (I still haven’t found it)

So…what is my point you ask. I am going to share my obsessions with you via on online obsession log. You are all soooooooo lucky! Enjoy!!!

Im obsessed with English!!! I love it!!!

Pronunciation:Hoo boy, have we got a problem here. I guess I’ll talk about foreign words first. I, as the weird otaku I am, sometimes find myself discussing manga with less messed up people. Now, not all normal people do this, but several I’ve met (and even a few english-geeks like me) insist on pronouncing manga with a “eI” (that’s IPA talk) rather than a “a” (once again, IPA.) This bothers me to no end. Why? I ask you, would it really be any harder to pronounce it correctly? And then in the food world, there are so many Spanish and Italian words that I have heard mispronounced. I’ve heard focaccia pronounced as “fokashi (schwa here)” as opposed to “focach (schwa here).” There are many, many more examples, but I wouldn’t want to bore you all by going on a rant. Anyway, I suppose I can see why you might mispronounce a Welsh word or something, but please people, at least try! I’m going to get a bit ranty here, but I really think that America’s insistence on mispronouncing foreign words is really a matter of America’s arrogance. But, I digress. Moving on.

Now I shall go into some other, somewhat less annoying examples. For instance, I have heard “nuclear” pronounced as “nucular.” I have no idea why this is. Then there’s the whole issue of “Artic/Arctic.” And there’s “cannidate/candidate.”

Here is a list of words I saw misspelled while just looking through Youtube comments: leprechaun, cauldron, uncensored, this, concur (someone actually corrected the offender), genius, and even more! But, then again, it is Youtube. Also, I see the word “definitely” misspelled a lot. Some of these are more about word use. Also, why do some people on Youtube (and other sites) type “teh” instead of “the”? I can never figure that out.

Grammar:OK, first things first: I lay the book on the table. I went to lie down. I lay on the couch. The first one is referring to putting an object down. The second refers to something you are going to do. The third to something you did. Please, please don’t mix these up. Also, a weird mistake I’ve heard is using “phenomena” as a singular noun. “Phenomena” is plural; “phenomenon” is singular.

Punctuation:Now, I admit my punctuation isn’t perfect. But I only ask that you think about what would sound natural. Don’t just insert commas willy-nilly, please.


Most of you already know how much i love my shoes!!!!
Why I Love Shoes

I just stumbled across this poem of sorts that a friend wrote last year for some shoe-loving jingle contest. Not quite sure why she didn’t win. I still think this is kinda cute:

(Sing to the tune of “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music)

Round-toed Manolos and sky-high stilettos
Flip flops to wear when I’m running through meadows
Lemon-hued Jimmy Choos purchased for spring
A good pair of shoes is my favorite thing

Audrey wore flats when she flirted in Roma
I prefer Pradas when touring the MOMA
Peek-a-boo sandals reveal my toe ring
A good pair of shoes is my favorite thing

When my clothes bore
When I weigh more
When the day seems grim
I simply slip on a great pair of black heels
See how I look chic and trim?
[Repeat all verses]

Nightmares and Fairytales

I just finished issue 4 of Nightmares and Fairytales. What a Fucking amazing series! One of my all time faves Serena Valentino writes it. The woman is a genius. GENIUS I tell you! Everything is fabulous about this series, the writing the artwork, the story. I cannot get enough! I am going to buy the Annabelle doll as soon as it comes out.
The other series I cannot get enough of is Hopeless Savages. It is written by my other all time fave, Jen Van Meter. I have began re-reading the comic books again.


I’m a tattoo nerd. I’m obsessed with the history, evolution, and folklore of tattooing and collect everything surrounding it even beyond the art on my skin. My friends say I’m one of those crazies who have amassed “libraries of the weird” like those who stockpile air sickness bags, toilet paper throughout the ages, and dirt.

Like all crazies, I build up my own tattoo museum through eBay, traveling, dusty attics, and the generosity of friends. Filling our home and tattoo studio are tribal tattoo instruments from Borneo, Coney Island memorabilia from my grandfather, and rare books.

The books are my real obsession, my prized possession being an old hardcover of Memoirs of a Tattooist (long out of print), which I purchased from The Book Mistress along with many other tattoo tomes.

So yes, i am obsessed about writing too!!!! 🙂

I tag Magaret, Greg and Roberta…


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