A few of my favorite things…

I decided last month that I should start listening to my ENTIRE music library. Not just, the six songs that I listen to on repeat. As I started listening, I realized two things 1) a song can really take you back to a memory you had forgotten and 2) I have too much country music in my music collection. Really, it’s embarrassing. Seriously. Who thought that was a good idea? Anyway, as I puttered throughout the month, songs came on that took me back to a memory relating to those who have a Y chromosome….

1. “Your Body is A Wonderland”- John Mayer
This song is just so.. 2002. Which, was a great year for me. On a whim, I went travelling through Spain with a good friend. I fell in lust in Italy a Spanish man who’s most common English phrase was “Wat iz de problem? I jizt want to be kizzing you on zee lipz all night! Wat? Wat iz wrong wit tat?”. If ever your ego is bruised, go to Spain and you will feel like a goddess. Anyway, I went back to Bahrain feeling very beautiful but very poor. My friend and I found a pub that sold drinks to girls for 500 fils. For a few months, we spent all our free time there, commiserating on all the ways Indian / Srilankan / Arabian men didn’t know how to stalk girls like the Spanish men. This song was on heavy rotation as we cruised the streets of the island and we wished we were someplace warm with men who liked to dance in the streets.

2. “Stand by Me”- Ben E King
Grade Seven. I’m decked out in my favorite Guess? jeans and swathed in tribe perfume. The best part of my outfit is a shirt that my mom has finally let me have. It was hers growing up- a cream cashmere sweater with delicate beading on the front. It’s heavy, but the crystals keep catching the light of the disco ball, which makes me glitter. I’ve never felt prettier. I dance with a boy named Jared to this song. Clearly a request by a chaperone, since it’s sandwiched in between TLC’s greatest hits. And when I say we ‘dance’? Yeah, we pretty much moved from side to side, hands firmly clenched at the waist, avoiding eye contact. I’ve had pap smears that were more comfortable than that dance, but it goes down in history as one of the most memorable.

3. “Before He Cheats”- Carrie Underwood
Four girls in a cab. One is dating, two heartbroken and one single. It’s 5 am. These four girls have just left an impromptu trampoline party and still have ridiculous amounts of Jack Daniels running through their veins. This song comes on and we beg the cab driver to turn it up. Suddenly, we are no longer four girls, but collectively, we ARE Carrie Underwood. And I know people talk of singing their hearts out, but in this case, we really did. We sang in the ‘our eyes are closed, our fists are pumping the air, and no one is laughing because this is far too serious’ fashion. There was so much scorned estrogen in that car I almost choked on it. We tipped our driver well, but not enough. I should have given him a kidney. He earned it.

4. “Untouchable Face”- by Ani DiFranco
The line “I could make you happy, if you weren’t already” was the roundhouse kick to my already destroyed heart during one particularly bad break up. Wait, was that too much angst? When we are talking Ani, can you HAVE too much angst? Let’s just be thankful I didn’t tap into Joni Mitchell. There would have been epic angst (epic!) being shown here.

5. Villains, Verve Pipe
I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for haunting guitar. But when said guitar is joined with a well-organized combination of haunting keyboard and haunting drums, you have a winner. The first 60 seconds of this song are what make it stand out, of course, although the rest is good too.

6. Beautiful, Christina Aguilera
When Christina Aguilera first burst onto the scene with her big hit “Genie In A Bottle”, she was labeled as another ditzy pop princess, which is exactly what that song made her out to be. Now that playing up her sex appeal has made her famous, however, we find that this is actually a woman who has some serious talent, and this song showcases that very well. Not only does her voice take on an almost inhuman perfection worthy of the best divas, but the tune, which is basically soft jazz-pop, is achingly beautiful. Man, is this an awesome song; if softer songs could be this good, I wouldn’t be listening to hard rock all the time.

You should share with me the songs that take you back to memories of failed romances or broken hearts. Or at the very least, tell me that you have a lot of country music in your music library. And don’t worry, we won’t focus solely on depressing heartbreak music. Perhaps next week I’ll write a post about songs I had sex to. That sounds like fun for everyone no one.


2 thoughts on “A few of my favorite things…

  1. I can so relate to this post. there are so many songs I listen to that have a story behind it. It’s so true when they say “Music is Life”

  2. i can’t believe you’re doing the same thing…damn, this is getting freaky!!! i started listening to my collection in May, and i’m now on Eric Burdon, about to move on to Eric Clapton (i have a HUGE collection :D) – looking to complete before 2011 gets over 😛

    well the songs i have profound memories attached to are too numerous to name here…must be about 20-30 at least. plus i have songs that remind me of certain persons, because they were my fav songs at the time i met them 🙂

    ps: your song is “spring breeze” by dj tatana 🙂

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