A little more….

I keep losing my keys, my mind, my lighters…On the other hand, I still have a note given to me from a boy when we were in the sixth grade.
I can sleep anywhere but am nervous to sneeze in front of strangers or let people who know mr touch my face. I can pretend that Santa Claus is real, that the Tooth Fairy really does leave money, that leprechauns do exist but I can’t fake liking people I don’t.

In the past, I’ve been weirded out by people who’ve had rooms dedicated to their favorite tv show yet I sometimes catch myself talking about Derek (Grey’s anatomy) like he’s a real person. Who I need to get in touch with. To you know, talk to about anatomy and his dreamy eyes.

I color code my books and clothes but can’t remember the last time I actually sorted my laundry to the standards that others would deem acceptable.
I can happily spend 45 minutes teaching seven year olds how to put three sheets in a duo tang, but I will lose patience with a car that takes an extra 4.5 seconds to turn on a green light. I will forget my address, my phone number, my age but **will never forget a single birthday.

I am horrible at keeping in touch but will be the first person to pick up the phone at 3 am when you call. I spend an embarrassing amount of money on heel-y shoes, yet find that im most comfortable bare-foot.

I still pick out my outfit the night before, but will skip dinner because making a meal takes planning that I don’t care to do. I will pay 400rs. for a bottle of nail posh but have tried to peel off old stamps off of envelopes to reuse.
I have both Metallica and The Little Mermaid on my music list.

I’m perfectly content dancing on a dance floor alone but have yet to go to a movie solo. I’m always awkward when it comes to shaking people’s hands, but will hug you instantly. I love karaoke but feel like speaking in front of crowds was only put on this Earth to scare me into silence.

I like eggs, but only if I make them- if someone else makes them I’d rather eat something mouldy. I think the perfect day includes a nap, and a spontaneous dance party (blame the dancing on listening to SO MUCH BAD *MUSIC in the last two days). I can explain twitter but can’t describe the electoral process in a way that makes it sound like I’m not drunk.

I can write posts of substance but sometimes like writing posts like this.

* Ja Rule? I’m talking to you. Also? Fat Joe? “What’s luv gotta do with a little menage” always makes me crack up. That’s pure poetry.

** I considered calling this post “Stripped Bare”. But thought that made me sound like a stripper. Not that there’s anything wrong with stripping.



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