This is for all you naive men out there!!!

Let’s talk about my gender now… Usually my posts are either about me (narcissism at its best) or my sexcapades which are just an online journal for me that everybody reads or other hippity hoopla…

So let’s talk about women, I know guys will find this interesting!!!

In my lifetime, so far at least I have met many nice men, but not a single nice woman. The girls I did meet-all fell into distinct and unfortunate categories.
I met the insecure, mean girls. The girls who spend 5 minutes smiling and then walk away to talk me to other people- other insecure, mean girls. They only stopped talking when I walk over to them and get greeted with dirty looks. Which is nice, I love a big bowl of awkward silence on day one of meeting them. I didn’t realize my life flew me back to middle school girl drama.

I have met girls who refuse to talk to anyone but her friends. The girl I waited at the airport with, who I saw on the plane, who stood in front of me at check-in. The girl I saw everyday, who couldn’t even crack a smile in return to the one I gave her. Who acted as though everyone but her friends were invisible, most likely because no one else put on eyeliner to sit on the beach?

I met the overly sexual to the point it’s embarrassing, girls. The girls who throw themselves at men who did not want them, who went all Fatal Attraction stalker style on guys, to the point it was sad to watch. Who took pictures of guys who didn’t want their photo taken, who called guys who didn’t want to be called, who shared cabs with guys who wanted to ride alone. Girls who didn’t mind knowing they were a guys second, third and in one case- fourth choice for the evening when everyone else turned him down.

I have met girls who put everyone down to push themselves up. Who were rude and inconsiderate and so condescending you could almost see it oozing out their pores. Who could take any piece of information and turn it into a topic they (of course) knew more about.

I have met girls who were so uncomfortable in their own skin it left me exhausted. Girls who were constantly pushing down their swim top, or pulling on the towel. Girls who refused to lift their arms because they didn’t like the job their waxer did, girls who said “please don’t look at me”, in a panicked voice when they showed up in their bathing suit. Who missed out on doing things they wanted to do because they were scared they would get laughed at. These are the same girls who were quick to judge anyone else for what they were or were not wearing.

I have met needy girls. The girls who start calling us at 8:30am to ask what we were doing for breakfast and when we refuse to answer, kept calling. As in, 5 calls before 11am. And when the calls went unanswered, they show up at the door and started knocking. And then try the door. And then chase to ask us where we were going.

See? I told you. Crazy.

The part that gets me is that I hav met a lot of nice guys. Young, old, single, not single- guys who spoke English, French or Spanish. Guys who talked about teaching and politics and jellyfish. Who held their own in conversation, who were interesting- who talked about ideas and ideals, not other people. Guys who said ‘hi!’ when they ran into you, who wanted to get their picture with you. With men I never worry, they would never begin talking about me poorly the second I left my chair.

Maybe it was just a bad mix of girls, but the whole experience has left me a little disappointed. Women are often thought of as the more sensitive, thoughtful gender but this has left me believing whoever believes that is sadly mistaken. Because I would rather take my chances starting a conversation with a table of knife holding men in wrestling masks than face a table of girls.

So I ask you readers, when did women get so crazy?



13 thoughts on “This is for all you naive men out there!!!

  1. oh you know what? I have met the similar set of girls. And I have never even met any guy who is interesting and at the same time, genuine.

    But I know that there are interesting people out there. Every person has good qualities, some realise it, some dont. Unless, you know your true self, you’ll never think or act with your own mind. The insecure, mean, over-soft girls you mentioned are that sort. They don’t realise themselves. I have had many girlfriends and all of them are insecure in some way. No wonder some of them call me their best pal and I just cant think of them that way!

  2. I cannot believe such a wonderful post has got only 1 comment!

    I too face similar problems. I have never come across girls who are like me. I stopped looking, and finally I met one- no gossip, no pink lipstick, no ‘cute boys’ and even if there is all this, it is in moderation, it doesnt vex me…

    as far as guys are concerned, seriously, some of them are more intellectual than all the girls put togther…

    Just to let u know, that maybe we need to accept it as ‘uniqueness’ I don’t know…

    This comment has also lost its point somewhere 🙂

  3. i guess we all are crazy in a way or other 🙂
    no gender specifics here,
    I must say i have met some amazing n wonderful women in my life, and heck I am just 22 😀

    women are wonderful, most are smarter than men!
    I hope someday you come across a bunch unlike the ones u have listed 🙂

  4. Do you Really Mean , All us ‘Naive’ Men out here?
    Well that Doesnt even affects me at all or i guess anybudy else . Though i wont find it strange if Womens Right people gonna summon you for Sketching the so Hyped “Women” in such a Ripped off mannar . (hahahahah)
    Well , i Like the enthusiasm you put in through describing the different types of women or sort of “Kinds”.
    Are you seriously a girl , Well i never seen a girl highlighting the Dumb-ness or pointing out those Negatives in girls which are really not easy to find ?

  5. Thanks Gaurav ‘Sean’ Bagdi! I believe in honesty, not all women are like the above, but the majority of them are. Rare as it may be, there are some really nice girls out there! Keep Reading!

  6. Okay so I spent the better part of my work-afternoon reading your blog. And that WAS intended as a compliment. 🙂 Have bookmarked you. Thought I’d let you know your blog rocks.


    And I’m on twitter as well. 🙂

  7. Aww, shucks, Thank You. It encouraging to know that there are a few people out there who get the humour spewed on this blog!

    Add me on twitter @punkpolkadots

    Keep Commenting!!!

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