The are 5 of my favourite things… (and more)

5 Things I’m Passionate About

1. My Family

2. Music

3. Life
4. My Friends
5. Shoes

5 Things I Want To Do Before I Die

1. Drive a convertible…
2. Own 6 pairs of Jimmy Choos..(another 5 to go)
3. Earn a PhD in English Literature
4. Skydive.
5. Write a book…

5 things I say Often

1. Whatever
2. LoL
3. Okaaaaay?
4. Fuckshit
5. shag!

5 Books I’ve read recently

1. You are here – Meenakshi R. Mahadevan
2. Almost Single – Advaita Kala
3. P.s. I love you – Cecilia Ahern
4. Twilight – Stepheni Meyer (reading this now)
5. Superstar India – Shobha De

5 Songs That I Could Listen to Over and over again

1. Afterglow – INXS
2. Yellow Ledbetter – Pearl Jam
3. Wish you were here – Pink Floyd
4. A poem on the underground wall – Simon & Garfunkel
5. Iris – Goo Goo Dolls

5 Things That Attract Me to my Best Friends

1. Funny
2. Caring
3. Smart
4. Not afraid to be themselves
5. Crazy

5 Things I Have Learned This Past Year

1. Never doubt myself
2. I can do anything as long as I have my friends and family.
3. The world is not as scary as I thought.
4. Nothing lasts forever.
5. I learned that no matter how nice I am to people that there is someone out there that will have a problem with me or not like me, so I have learned to just deal with it. To bad for them:)

Ok, so here are my lists….What are yours???


5 thoughts on “The are 5 of my favourite things… (and more)

  1. Iris by Goo Goo dolls – Amazing- i first came across this track in City of Angels.

    Wish you were here – Pink Floyd – All time fav,

    But if I had to list 5 songs I can listen to on n on n on. this one will sure be on the list. – A poem on the underground wall – Simon & Garfunkel

  2. Hey Fv – it would be punkpolkadots attherateof gmail dot com

    Hey Vijaykarthik, im glad that im not the only one to have heard that!

  3. awww u mean S&G!
    Love their music,
    Bridge over troubled water
    The boxer, and the amazing number, I am Rock,
    and the sad but awesome song, the leaves that are green turn to brown,
    soem songs are so relevant to me, i wonder if hey truely are from 60’s 😀

    u shoudl totally check their other songs if you haven’t

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