Red Hair!

I have a special place in my heart for my girly friends, mainly because there arent that many of them! I’m just one of those people who likes the company of guys, you know: No drama, no bitching, just a bunch of normal no-fuss humans sitting around watching Wrestlemania all day without a trace of shame (ok, maybe a bit…)

It is a unfortunate circumstance sometimes, although i have learned not to fret over it, however, woefully ignorant i am! I’m still teased at not knowing how to put on make-up and not being able to understand what foundation does to your face? I mean honestly what does it do? Make your face appear a different shade of colour to the rest of you? Not very appealing i would think! Or they’ll tell me what shape of dress looks good on me (where the heck are you supposed to buy them?), but the rest of the time I’m left scattered in a desert, making it up as I go along.

Now some of you will have noticed that I recently got my hair coloured, and thank you everyone who’s said it looks nice. But the sad fact is that i currently am bored after just a month of it! I have no idea whatsoever what to do with it.

Any suggestions? I mean, now that i have a few more readers than i did 3 years ago when i didnt have a blog, I’m hoping that some of you can tell me what to do with it. Tips, hints, pictures, anything!

Now on to something that has got me thinking recently, and am sure it would have crossed a coupla your brains recently. Is it possible to have a friendship with somebody you know exclusively over the internet? I don’t mean somebody you knew from the past and now because they’ve moved away you talk to only online… I mean somebody you’ve never ever met, have no contact with, other than what they’ve allowed the world to see?

That’s the bummer, isn’t it? People can be so selective with what they show you. A sixty year old man could present himself as a beach-blonde young spritely woman, and it would be hard to know that the reality didn’t match the image presented. Can we ever really trust someone we haven’t seen with our own eyes?

If people can lie in the big ways, (i am sure you know quite a few examples)  surely they can lie in the small ways? Taste in books, hair colour, where they work or live.

Well, I’d argue that the same could be said of anyone, whether you’ve met them or not. Your sister could be lying to you. Your girlfriend could. Your husband could. Your maths teacher could. Your chai-wallah too! I don’t think it really makes much of a difference how close you are, you can never really prove who you are to anyone.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying all peple online are liars… I’m just saying that maybe online relationships aren’t so different to any other. I have friends online, and I wouldn’t hesitate to call them friends. There’was one “friend” i knew, whoi found easy to share my thoughts with, we got on well, and that took our relationship outside of MSN. We talked on the phone. He even left me a treasure hunt for when I was going to be in the same place as he’d been three weeks previously. He was always there for me if I had a bit of a pants day, and I’d like to think that I’d do the same for him. We’re a lot closer than I am with some people i interact with daily!

It’s just a different context, that’s all. We get to know our online “friends” in an environment where looks aren’t important, fashion isn’t important, wealth isn’t important; connections aren’t important, networks aren’t even spoken off …and we’re not used to that, as a society.

Whether it’s a truer reflection of their personality, I couldn’t say, but I don’t think online friendships ‘don’t count’ just because of the lack of a physical presence.


5 thoughts on “Red Hair!

  1. I guess the anonymity that an online relationship provides helps people to open up. Once this information is accepted by the other, the basis for the relationship is formed.

    There are many relationships that continue even though there is a lack of physical presence- one such example is of people who refuse to remarry once their spouses have gone away.

  2. I agree to an extent, online anonymity gives you the leverage to be yourself without being judged or questioned. However, it also lets you lead a life of fantasy of being someone you want to be and permits you to forget reality, which can sometimes be a not so good idea if you tend to get carried away by it all.

  3. yes, anonymity is the bet online. And there much more to a human relationship that the physical aspect. Physics without chemistry is meaningless u know. But it is not that easy to maintain the anonymity for long and also the warmth while maintaining anonymity.

  4. i so agree with you…i ACTUALLY have lots of friends whom i have never met…but ya i dont go around talking to every stranger i bump into…but since i started blogging…i realised there WERE people out there with whom you could feel a mental connection though they might be like thousands of miles apart…its funny…mysterious…and so random! 🙂

  5. ur thots jus jump subjects…strted wit red hair n ended up on OL friends….but not tht i m complainin…truly love ya blog..U do get good freinds OL but u have to be careful or u may end up paying badly….

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