Confessions of a shopaholic – Say what??

Attended the premiere of “confessions of a shopaholic” – the movie, last night. Boy! Was that an eye-opener! It’s funny that I am just a regular 20-something that loves to shop only for shoes, can’t stand the rest of it. Some women take eons! Point in case, my mother and sister! It’s especially pissing off when after what seems like forever of shopping; they go back to store #1 and pick up a good-for-nothing article that will be used for a week max!!!

Like I was saying, I’m just a 20something average shopper yet I connected with this girl. Rebecca Bloomwood dresses like she’s just popped out of a fashion magazine, straight out the centre spread and onto the streets. Always prim, albeit her colour choices were off. I mean really… Does a blue dress, clubbed with (what looked like) a brown coat, orange gloves and a green scarf match? It did for whoever dressed her!!! Her make ups always perfect. To think she was a regular journalist writing on boring issues was a shock, but then again I’m just a PR girl with a fetish for shoes! Go figure! She’s unhappy with her job and wants to work for ALETTE (or something like that) – a high profile fashion magazine, where she goes for an interview. On her way there, she can’t resist the temptation to shop, doesn’t have sufficient funds on her credit cards (who does?) and bumps into the handsome Luke Sherman. Predictably she doesn’t get, as they have filled the position, however the very gay receptionist tells her of an opening in “Successful Savings” a financial magazine she knows squat about. But also lets her know it’s a sister publication and that she can work her way up to ALETTE. Grabbing the opportunity she rushes in to find who but Luke Brandon, editor of Successful Savings.

So, in broader perspective, she lives a shopaholic life, her credit card bills are as high as her shopping racks!! But then again, who’s doesn’t? if it isn’t shopping, it’s something else! The reason I buy shoes…Is because it soothes me, no matter how much weight I lose or gain, my shoes will always fit… It comforts me, it won’t hurt me, pain me, leave me, humiliate me, demand 3am sex from me!! There’s just something you feel when you have something new. Let’s be honest here; anyone other than me ever purchase a bunch of useless cosmetics just to get the “free” beach bag? If you don’t see sense in that at least Rebecca will get it!

More importantly, we gotta know when to say stop, which unfortunately Rebecca didn’t know how… Life and shopping isn’t really worth it if you spend most of your time avoiding the notices from credit card companies, and letter after letter from your bank manager.

But how ironic is it when, Rebecca has all these uncontrollable spending habits, yet writes for a financial magazine and advises consumers on personal savings and investment strategies.

All in all take a few outstanding credit cards payments, a sleazy debt collector, a really hot boss, mix it all together with an out of control shopping obsession and you’ve just made yourself a first-rate, hilarious journey through London city.

Highly recommended for the woman that has all she wants, or still hunting bargain stores for it ! Take along the boys so they can see what we need!!!


8 thoughts on “Confessions of a shopaholic – Say what??

  1. Interestingly, the movie shares the stylist with Sex and the City. Lucky duck you, I’m waiting to get some free time to go and watch it. If there is one chick lit series I totally swear by, then its the Shopaholic Series by Sophie Kinsella…

    • Yes, we discussed that yesterday! I can’t wait for the shoe-aholic movie to release, i have a set of happy toes already!

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