Women in Trains and Stray Dogs

It’s been awhile that I’ve written a blog post on random things, so here goes!

I’ve recently been ranting about women in trains… its unbelievable; every woman that gets into a train thinks she’s entitled to a seat!! That’s stupid, why wud the women in seats leave work or home early just so that they’d get a place to sit! Wake up early you freaking lazy women and get a seat yourselves! Find a way! And then once they get in, they ask every sitting soul where they’re gonna get off and make faces depending on the answer! It’s ridiculous! Some of them do sit on the edge after asking the other women to move in… While that’s ok to me, what really gets to me is the way women in trains sit, they should know there are no men there and it’s not an invitation to f&#k! Keep your legs together women! Maybe then there’d be more place to sit! They sit with their legs apart like there’s a crank in their skirts or pants and when asked to make space, the gasp with wide eyes, look towards their right/left side and ask “Where??!?”. Between your legs MORON!!! Two people can fit there!!! When will these women learn? To experience the worst of it, I openly dare you to get into ladies compartment (this dare is for women ofcourse!) on a train bound passed Andheri around 6-45, 7-00pm, sitting or standing won’t matter. Watch the women of Andheri board the train! It’s crazy!! I think the station has this secret room where they primp and puff these women with rage and strength, makes me reminisce videos I’ve seen of the bull fighters in San Juan! Honestly!

Another rant, I can’t seem to find a good dog or animal shelter in Mumbai that I can visit on weekends to use my time constructively! I have visited a few “animal clinics” but that not what I am looking for, I want to find a place where I can go and spend a few hours feeding, petting and walking the animals, contribute non monetarily, you know? And websites are most unhelpful! I can’t find a single animal shelter in Mumbai and that’s so hard to believe! And it’s sad because I really love animals; I keep feeding the strays in my compound and can’t help but remember my Scooby back home! He’s my very own “Marley”, and my mom is witness to this… He is absolutely the worst dog we know, he can destroy a living area in two minutes flat and has, overtime, learned to open the fridge and eat “only” the cooked food! He is a non-vegetarian dog for sure! Sometimes I wished he’d learn to ‘flush’ the toilet than steal our food! My dad spends more money feeding my dog and cats than he does us! But that dog is the love of my life, we gave away more than 8 dogs two months ago, we couldn’t bring ourselves to give Scooby away and I doubt that we will ever. He can destroy, eat and poop all over the house, but we will always want him. The funny thing is that I feel in a weird way he understands me, my insecurities, my sadness, my joy, and my troubles. He sulks with me when I’ve had a bad day, it’s comforting to watch him plopped down on the rug next to me, mulling over my bad day; it comforts me to watch him jump and attack (in a friendly way) when he knows I’m happy, it’s adorably cute when he brings me one of his half chewed “bones” to share when I’m sad. He’s extremely possessive of us and won’t let anyone hurt us or get too close; his bark goes in overdrive if he senses it. He’s extremely jealous when we pet the cats and cuddle them, to the extent that he’ll pull them outta our hands or chase them until they jump walls to get away. He isn’t just a dog, he’s a friend.

Why can’t people be as emotional as animals, don’t you think the world would be better. Their instincts are way better than ours, they sense fear, they sense danger, and they sense love. While we’re just a bunch of trusting idiots that run around being cheated, trampled and using others. Maybe animals are superior beings to us and we are considered second mortals to their world, that soothes me in a funny way.

So, two things for you to do… Let me know if you know of an animal shelter in Mumbai that I can visit… and secondly be nice… just… in general, the next time you feel a mean streak coming on and it is absolutely not necessary, give me call, I’ll share my half chewed “bone” with you!


10 thoughts on “Women in Trains and Stray Dogs

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  2. lol @ the ladies compartment woes 😀

    you said:

    “Why can’t people be as emotional as animals, don’t you think the world would be better. Their instincts are way better than ours, they sense fear, they sense danger, and they sense love.”

    I guess these are the things you’ve observed in pets that have their bellies full and they got nothing much to worry about…


    “While we’re just a bunch of trusting idiots that run around being cheated, trampled and using others.”

    its about human survival isn’t it ? yes you may earn the essentials (food, shelter and clothing) without ‘using others’ but then there is more to human beings than just the essentials: your shoe shopping thing for example..

    animals have no such worries…pets only need to be fed at the right times but us mortals have all kinds of desires and addictions that go way beyond our need of essential survival commodities … isn’t it ?

    • I respect your opinion, but even street dogs (most) are just as emotional as home pets. I’m know as the dog lady in my entire housing society, just because i pet them! And their so loving and friendly! No judgement, no expectation of food…

      Secondly animals have their needs too, they need food too, they need affection.. it’s survival for them aswell…

      Im not forcing you to agree with me, but it might help viewing from a different perspective.

  3. street dogs have some expectations (not sure if thats the word) too !

    my neighbour occasionally feeds this (street) dog and that dog makes it a point to pay a visit to her door every single day…it is generally fed dinner and sleeps on her door mat on most nights..

    what I’m trying to say is that animals show love to hands that feed them..to them food is the only criteria in life (well mostly)… but to us humans, we have so many more needs and most of our materialistic needs come from money which in turn comes in from doing some job which is not necessarily the please all thing..

    its some ugly vicious cycle we lead our lives.

  4. What i’m trying to say, is that, don’t think of all animals as stray and maybe then you’ll notice that they need alot more than food. What do you think is on the mind of a beggar or less fortunate person? Food too! Animals have no use for money, therefore they need food directly. Humans do the same except we dont give beggars food directly, we allow them the means to do it.

    Again, i respect your opinion, but thats just what it is. Your opinion. You made a point. Dont try to change others. 🙂

  5. Great site this punkpolkadots.wordpress.com and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

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