Have you loved your MEN today?

Most women have it good in today’s society, albeit a few struggles. What we do though is harp on how EASY men have it.

Have you ever taken a step back and actually thought about it? Have you ever envisioned what it must be like for our men?

Envision a little boy, innocent, sweet, full of love and joy. Which fades into aggressiveness and muscle when they are sent to pre-school, taught to be *nice* to girls as they are weaker while the girls can do what they want and the little boy will only have to endure it, because they are girls and you are a boy.

Envision his teenage years, all through high school and college he hears of stories about rape and orgies and that MEN ARE SEX PREDATORS; let alone anything else. He is subjected to a stream of negative images and portrayals of men, while that is exactly what he will grow up to be, a MAN.

Boys, remember when you finally realised when your parents actually called you a *YOUNG MAN.* You became more aware of all the pretty *YOUNG* women around you and all you wanted to find is a sweet simple girl to fall in love with and marry and begin a family. You are a nice guy, but girls have been through college too and they’ve heard all those stories of girls raped by *nice guys* just like you. You want to love but are jaded instead.

Imagine our young men sent to the military or navy or merchant navy. While serving your country is honourable, engaging in war can have its repercussions. You watch as some of the men you served with go home in coffins and this doesn’t allow you to sleep at night because it haunts you. You have health problems no one cares about. You are after all a man and it is MEN who started wars, right?

Envision what it must be like for men who’ve given up on marriage because if in case it doesn’t work out, the family court system is against you anyway. You risk losing everything you have ever built. You also don’t want your non-existent children to go thru the hatred. You don’t want to put him through anything. You’re afraid a divorce may destroy your image in his eyes, as he watches his mother who left you, rename you a BASTARD and doesn’t have one nice thing to say about that little boy’s father, although they have shared happy times.

You are not a coward but it’s better to never have loved at all than lose what you love. Society has named you a liar, loser, pedophile, maniac, predator, loner, psycho, desperate and lots of other derogatory names. There has to be something wrong with you, you just can’t be normal!

We have spent enough time going on about how terrible they are, but in honesty they are not. This post is to celebrate the men in our lives. To let them know that although we complain, we are grateful. We admire them and love them! They make us happy and say “YAY!”

How many of these men have gone up burning buildings to save lives, fully aware of the fact, it’s a climb to their own doom.  How many of them have been on the frontline of battles to protect their countries, their homes and their families? Fully aware that it was their life they were giving up.

How many husbands, fathers, boyfriends, brothers, fiancés work all day at a boring and thankless job, just so he can provide for his family? They never complain, never question. They just work. I’m not asking for pity and help for these men, instead we want to appreciate and thank them for all they do for us.

Honestly, I love my men, not in an “I’m a slut and men are great at that” way. I love all their flaws and imperfections and characteristics and euphemisms that make them MEN. I could go on about these brilliant traits but I don’t have the time or blog space.

So here’s a cheer to all the MEN that feel unappreciated. We do notice things and love you loads. You may think we take you for granted and don’t notice the details, while most of us don’t, we would like to thank you for that too!

I know if there was anything gruesome that needed doing, like killing a cockroach, I’d call my man.

None of us argue in the car with the man if there’s a flat tire, we both know who’s going to fix it!

If there is anything repulsive to be done, I wouldn’t be doing it. Not because I refuse, I wouldn’t have to; I know my man will do it!

May a time we have offered, but shot down because the men in our lives can handle it. Because they are there to protect us and provide for us. Do not deny them that right.

So all you men out there, THANK YOU. We want all you men who go around silently feeling unappreciated although you sacrifice so much for us to know that you are loved. To know we draw from your strengths and we wouldn’t be strong if not for you!

You may be underappreciated but you are definitely not unappreciated!!


58 thoughts on “Have you loved your MEN today?

  1. wow, this is a wonderful post. not because i’m a man, but because for the first time in these ‘bad times’ (wotever!) a woman dareth speak about the good in us men.

    thank you, lady. big hat tip, salute and a bow 🙂

    P.S. we love our women too… stay fabulous!

  2. One of the best posts I hv read in a long time! it is so heartening to read something like this about men! There are very few women who I hv met in life who understand that men are also living beings and have a mind as well which can sometimes be strong from outside but a bit fragile from inside. Men also need constant love IMO and need to be pulled up wen they are down. #Yaymen rock!!!!!!!!!

  3. Beautiful article. It brilliantly articulates all the problem an Average Joe/Raju/Imran has to go through in Indian Society. Glad to know that there are a few good women left, who appreciate men(and not in the way you mentioned!), for what we are!

  4. Aww thanx everybody!

    @Karan baby, you are my inspiration for this post! You help me celebrate the men in my life everyday! 🙂

    @ektz u bet sistah! Keep lovin the men in your life!

    @kaushal It’s the few men that show bad behavior that make them bad. And ruins it for the rest of you. But we still love the *real* nice guys!

    @forced ambitions – Gossip Girls?

    @kristopher its men like you, my friend that reassure us that there are wonderful guys out there! You keep us believing! This post is dedicated to men like you!

    @harish i hope this post pulled you up! 🙂

    @nupoor my man????

    @crucifire thank you for giving me the opportunity to be thankful for men / guys like yourself! Stay true to who you are!!

  5. when I actually first came in never thought it’s gonna be such a brilliant post!! Well it’s brilliant cos can sense it, from where it’s coming.

    N it didn’t have blah blah, it was to the point!

    At least this would clear lot of misconsumptions :p

  6. What a wonderful post to celebrate the mutual point of existence between men and women… and what a sweet irony… Women celebrate the existence of such men who do all this for them in their life…when really the men do all this is coz of the women in their life…!! Period!!

    Wonderful wonderful post…. it really really made me wait a moment and think.. hang on.. yes I am a good guy here and I am worthy of being appreciated… Hurrah ! Nice boost of self esteem!

    Sharing with all !!!!!! Cheers !!

  7. Wow.. whattapost!!

    it makes me think .. and i’ve got so many mixed emotions inside.. makes me feel.. if I am really a man who can make a my girl go ‘yay’?.. It also felt nice to know what a women feel about a man, and see her accept our flaws too..

    Alright.. I cant type any more..I gotta go call her up.. right now!!!

    thanks @punkpolkadots..

  8. awesome!!! it’s rare to see someone appreciate a guy! we are so used to not being noticed or appreciated at all!!! it is generally the girls who are the cynosure and i am sure will remain the same! thanks again for whatever appreciation you have give us! probably it was long due! 🙂

  9. When @ADeSe rhetorically asked you about all the men who leave you, break your heart, etc. etc. all I wanted to tell her was there is still hope, which what #yaymen is all about. I couldn’t tell her then and if you are reading this girl there is hope.

    Hope about there being men who DO care, who DO love and who DO fight for what they love, treasure and cherish.

    They may not show it, they may pass it off as unnecessary emotion or they might ignore it altogether, but @ADeSe and all the girls who have given up- THEY DO CARE!

    #YayMEN is for life, for loving and for living. It’s for men to wake up to the sweetness unconsciously surrounding you and for women to speak up about the awesomeness there still is in life!

    I’m sorry I took so long to get around to your post & comment Mich, but I’m here now and I’m glad you wrote this! Thought I’d get it down in writing 🙂

    Go girl!

  10. Haven’t heard women appreciating men ever and therefore this post comes to me as a shocker and as I read it, I do realise that there are a few women who really know what we go thru and we men love you for that 🙂

  11. W-H-A-T-T-E-Y P-O-S-T!

    Beautifully written! And it was honest, the way you wrote what you did. Not a word of false praise, never straying away from what you intended to say.

    You have beautifully expressed that a man need not possess super-human powers to be a hero. And it is endearing to see that women realise that and accept men with all their flaws.

    At times I wonder what women have to endure living with ‘men’ and love them – shabby, irresponsible creatures with cheeks that resemble sandpaper and full of themselves. While men get to live with beautiful, smart ‘women’ who are always nice to them!

    Still, it got me wondering how many of the men who come across this post really deserve to read and feel good about what is written here. *guilt pangs*

    I’ve heard many a women complain in angst about other men to me saying, “He’s an asshole” “He’s a Bastard” and so on. And while I listen to them crib, I have always wondered if there were other women out there who were voicing out similar opinions about me elsewhere at that exact moment. Weird.

    I don’t know if I qualify to be a #Yayman or not. But cheers to all the #YayWomen like you out there!

    P.S.: Karan, Yay to you too, man!

  12. Awesome post & great gesture thats deeply appreciated. 🙂 My wife liked it too. I have to mention that she keeps expressing her gratitude & love for me, the same as I do. 🙂 We have a mutual appreciation club 😉

  13. @fossiloflife Thanks a bunch! You go #yaymen!

    @Ramkumar You trully are worth appreciation! Keep believing that! And as women we promise to try harder! Altho you may still have to put up with us!

    @Danish Thank you! Go run to that girl!!

    @Nirav there are a lot more women out there! Maybe u just dont send out the right signals!

    @Spitphyre That was the best response!!

    @Narayanan AnytimE! You, #yaymen deserve it!

    @FartingPen Just for being you, you are a #yayman!! Cheers!

  14. I am not active on Twitter. The men I completely adore are not on Twitter…

    But yeah… I will ‘yay’ them some other way.

    Love you and Ree (and others) for this 🙂

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  19. Hi There,

    me too love my Man.. hey thanks to give words to

    feelings . my heart wanted to say the same things to

    my husband — My Man.


  20. Hey,

    Lovely post! Couldn’t quite understand what you meant by Yay Men when we met for the “dabeli tweetup”….

    Carry on the good work.. 🙂

  21. wOOAAHH…truly a must read ( gona share it right away)……if all the women were thinkin on similar lines…..this world wud be such a wonderful place…..
    Thanks michelle for all the love & admiration 😀

  22. Had read this almost two years ago. Searched out the link again just to come back and comment: On the occassion of women’t day, I too wish to thank all the men in my life and so am posting a similar post on my blog. I hope they feel cherished and just as special as they make me feel.

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