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Yesterday I wrote a post on how it feels to be a man, today ladies, we will give you the opportunity to actually applaud them, as well as let the world know you love them.

Have you ever felt that his smile was enough to make you melt? His sweetness was not in when he opened doors for you, but simply when he pushed away that stray hair from your eyes so he could look into them?

Have you ever noticed how lucky you feel when he does something without being asked? Or when he does something the moment you had decided in your head to tell him to do it? Or just how he makes you feel like the only girl in the world for him?

Have you ever felt a father’s love or your brother’s protectiveness and felt secure?

Well Girls, here is your opportunity to show them how grateful you are for having them in your lives. It can be as simple as a smile to something as racy as their amazing butts.

If you are on twitter… get ready to nominate and then vote for your *little bits of happiness*. You can nominate them based on Butt, Abs, Smile, Humour, Personality, Flirt, Intellect and Successfulness!

So just as Shakti said in her post: So go on guys, get all your gal pals to nominate you. And girls, only you can nominate Yaymen. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to thank all the men who make life oh-so-interesting!

And as Reena proclaimed in her post:

#yaymen are not necessarily beefcakes and neither are they all required to have minds that work faster than a computer.

#yaymen are simply men who make women go YAY for knowing them and make us say Amen for their existence.

#yaymen does objectify men on many grounds, but it is a benevolent kind of objectification. It is an objectification rounded off by our true appreciation and admiration for our #yaymen and their ways.

#yaymen most importantly, is our call to women all over the world who are categorized and criticized for speaking their minds about THEIR desires and needs.

#yaymen is our hope that among all the male rapists, molesters, violators, eve-teasers, paedophiles, womanizers and other riff raff that make our lives miserable, there exist genuine men who are actually quite nice and actually capable of making us inordinately happy for being us and for being women.

And as Apurva agreed!!!

So Ladies get read to rave to the entire twitterverse why your nominee deserves to win! Guys get your women campaigning!

Objectify. Admire. Express.

Process Guidelines:


For NOMINATIONS – ONLY Women can nominate, so all the #yaymen need to actually CAMPAIGN to get their women following them to nominate for them.

They can nominate them for the following categories:

  • Butt
  • Abs
  • Smile
  • Humour
  • Personality
  • Flirt
  • Intellect
  • Successful

Nomination replies will be as follows: @yay_men i nominate @boy1 for his personality – or – @yay_men i nominate @boy2 for his amazing butt!

Nominations will be closed one week from the day we announce the opening, i.e. 28th April.

We will tally the nominations and announce finalists in the different categories on the 30th of April.

Finalists will be informed thru a series of tweets such as: @boy1 @boy2 @boy3 finalists in the “Best Smile Category”


Once the finalists have been announced, VOTING can begin.

They will need to vote with this line @yay_men i vote for @boy1 in the BEST SMILE category.

ANYBODY and EVERYBODY can vote as long as they’re on Twitter.
Voting will end 1 week from when it began, i.e. 7th May.

Winners will be announced on the following Saturday or Sunday afternoon.


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