Have you loved your WOMAN today?

Ok, so we’ve spoken enough of the men in our lives and I’m sure most of us have given our boys/men a hug recently just to show them we love them and although we don’t always say it, YOU ARE APPRECIATED!!

But in all of this, we forgot about the women who make these men, rather who support these men! Let’s now celebrate the women in our lives. This is just a generalization with a little bit of fun!! Here are a few reasons of why I love being a woman…

High Heels – They look good in bed, on my feet, in pictures! And my honey knows I love ‘em! Wearing them and feeling awesome is a whole other blog post!

I can get away with buying Women’s Era or Cosmopolitan at the counter! Have you seen *some* men cringe when they have to buy tampons or sanitary pads cause the wife / girl asked them too? Women can get away with buying anything at a department store, condoms included!! Men get looked at like their sleazy, women get the “at least she’s using protection” look.

I can wear shorts or skirts or skorts or t-shirts. Formal clothes too and sneakers or leggings or dresses or whatever else I feel comfy in. My womanly cupboard has no limits. Also I love having lots of dressing options! Mix and Match! I would hate to limit my choices to blue suit or black suit? Hmmm *scratches head*

Women can talk! I can talk like a marathon and come out first unscathed.

Sex – I have an organ that only purpose is to feel pleasure. I can have multiple orgasms in a row if I wanted to. I could roll over after a nookie session and fall asleep and the man next to me might actually be thankful. Periods – I can easily take an off or go home early by casually mentioning that my stomach is cramping or that I have a “female” emergency! Which can also get me out of ___________(fill in the blanks) whenever I’m not in the mood! *

Pain tolerance – I have a higher pain threshold than most men I know! Heck, every women does. I’ve gotten tattoos done, sitting next to a guy who kept sweating and cringing throughout the whole experience. If we can give birth and live to tell the tale, we can do anything! Ask a man to get pregnant and watch him squirm!

Variety – As a woman we go through a variety of physical changes and mental changes! We get experience in a totally different way than a man!

Double Standards – Although women loudly admit that it is disgusting for men to oogle at their breasts and gawk at their bare legs in short skirts, we sometimes know that these are the very quirks that help us take a few extra days of work or get away with anything cuz our young bosses are often distracted.

Being able to have a million choices – I wanted to be a doctor, a nurse, a teacher, a soldier. I can work from home or have a cubicle. Men aren’t so lucky, male nurses and secretaries are looked down upon.

Happy Hours – Most clubs allow women to have extended Happy Hours and it’s easier to get into a club if you are a woman. There are ladies nights, have u ever heard of “men’s nights”? I did not think so! Besides men pay for women’s drinks most of the time! I can dance by myself and no one will think its weird, or have others join in at smirking at a lonely boy dancing on the floor!

Although all women possess the power of being able to grow another life within her, she also has the superpower to NOT get pregnant!! Thank God for the pill!!!

A cute 6 year old pig tailed girl grows up to be a beautiful woman, what happens of a punked out greasy boy? He goes to jail!!!

Eye shadow, Liner and Lipstick – Using make up can help a woman get rid of tiny imperfections like pimples and zits when she is trying to impress. It allows us to feel special and flawless when we lose confidence. And my number 1 reason of why it’s great being a woman…..

BOOBS!! Ha-ha!! All women have them and although a few of us complain, we love them!! They’re our best accessories!!!

*To my boy – I haven’t given you that excuse… yet! Muah! Hugs!


11 thoughts on “Have you loved your WOMAN today?

  1. BEST OF ALL–> We can hug our own gender & not come across as ‘weird’.

    Much-o Hugs & umpteen kisses all the way to you Mich for the awesome post!!

    I’m sitting here all sweaty and dowdy from a day of hard manual labor, yet I know I still have the power to make heads turn. If I chose to use it :p

    Being a woman is TOTALLY worth every bit of crap & pain we go through!!

    Yay to the power we have! Yay to being a woman!!

  2. A moodswing is my birthright 😉

    I can get a massage without getting a hard-on

    If I drop my Enfield and I can’t lift it, I just have to make the ‘abhla bharatiya nari’ face and there will be men rushing to lift the bike for me 😀

    Gosh, I love being a woman!!

  3. Nice post!

    Reminds me of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. episode where the women say that men are better off ‘cuz they can pee standing up. And Ross brings up multiple orgasms. 😀

    But in my opinion, neither a man nor a woman is truly complete without each other, with all due respects to the homosexual community.

    But ya, only recently have women realised the power they have in their hands. And men have been on the receiving end of some major ass whooping. It is actually the submissive one – and has always been – who is in control!

  4. Great post! We gals can also get a mani-pedi in a salon without getting weird glances. We can be as weird as we want and be ‘quirky’ whereas the guys are ‘irresponsible’… I especially love that 😉
    Ooooh, and we can shop for hours with our friends, enjoy it and have salespersons wooing us with lotsa stuff. Two guys in a shop and they will be out within 20 min tops!!

  5. you know what. guys love being dominated as long as it’s done without them feeling dominated. as soon as you realise that (and some of you have), we’re competing with the carpet 😀

  6. This is awesome stuff and to add women are god’s best creations. Even though men frown upon us for being bitchy and being very stereotype (all the drama we create) they have to admit the privilege of a lifetime would be, if they could be like us 😉
    Cheers to all the Women!!!

  7. I love it …. Exactly why i always feel women should be proud and not saddened by the things they go through.

    Thanks woman …. You make us all proud 🙂 Mwuah!

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