Men, Women and Yaymen

It’s been awhile since I’ve written but then again, I’ve been going through a bunch of terrible stuff, I’ve made friends and lost a few too. Made new connections and amazing bonds that I hope will last a lifetime! (Shaaq I louve you!) I’ve learned alot about myself and also the type of person I am. Some of my beliefs have changed and some have been re-affirmed.

I also concur with alot of men when they say they don’t understand women!! Cuz, I’m one and I honestly don’t understand my species!! Also we’ve (Shaaq, G, Purr, Ree and I) have been able to take Yaymen to a totally new level, you might wanna watch this space for progress as well as follow us on Twitter. If you’re not on Twitter, I suggest you get out of the Stone Age and join Twitter. Plus, we’re just a fun bunch of girls!! Shaaq’s unique personality has me doing cartwheels and G’s funkeh-ness and photography never ceases to amaze me. I’ve connected with these two on totally different levels. Purr is the sweetest thing, with an amazing head on her shoulders, initially shy, I’ve now seen a totally different side to her. And I am glad I did. Ree is well Ree. She’s articulate, outspoken and how! And that’s why we love her. She does confuse us from time to time with her behaviour but I guess the introduction of Yaymen has opened a lot of doors to everyone of us.

We now appreciate more the men in our lives and make them feel unique. We know how much they put up with and now take on our own crosses so we may help. For those of us without men we have learned to be more sensitive to their needs as well as more attentive to the “real” men interested in us.

Although even the few of us who are attached in commitment to husbands, boyfriends or even engaged have a little fun here and there, we DO NOT forget our man! They still are amongst our top priority and they always will be. They are the men that support us, love us and have loved us when we were nobodys. This initiative is in appreciation first for them and then the rest of the world. As part of the Yaymen jury, we all are honest and truthful in terms of our commitments and also in terms of our voices. And we like it that our men support our cause. This isn’t a jury of 5 frisky women that just want to get it on, although there may be a few times it seemed that way. It is a jury that includes the sentiments of G’s husband (whom we love for allowing our purdy girl to be online and on twitter too – Sum, we may not know you, but we love you!!), Ree’s fiancé (Mel – Dont worry we’re looking out for her!), Purr and Shaaq (to the soon-to-be men in their lives – wake up already, don’t let these girls go so easy!!) and last but not least, BB – thank you for allowing me to express my thoughts on men and what they do without judging me or saying that it takes up too much of my time. My loyalty is with you forever.

The men in our lives come first. We make sure we are prime role models for our cause and we lead by example. We do not neglect our man’s needs and we certainly do not do anything that would make them think otherwise. As part of the yaymen jury we take pride in knowing that our men support our cause and only because they understand what we do we are a part of it. If we were to have any of our men unhappy with our involvement we’d know what to do. So, just so my readers know. Yaymen isn’t about finding love, it isn’t about craving attention, it isn’t about finding new men. It is about appreciating men and the qualities we ever so often overlook.

Yaymen has taught me alotta things. Its taught me that even the quiet girls need love, that the tom boys also have a heart and they also need to be “somebody’s baby.” I’ve also majorly learnt that women who never got the attention, now glorify themselves in it. They think it’s ok to abandon earlier commitments and make new ones, parade themselves like they’ve earned it just because they’ve said a few measly “thank you’s.” Secretly go out to meet men and forget who they are. Guys, these are the women you need to be careful of, they aren’t who you think they are.

Remember, girls definitely do not want to know about the girl you knew with the best rack ever or that she is too be introduced to every woman you know or had some kind of relationship, apart from your family ofcourse!

We like boys who take showers and make an effort to look and smell clean! Its a double bonus whammy when your nails are clean!

Remember boys, girls do not appreciate you putting your hands under your armpits and making noises of a strange creature, nor do they find joy in you burping the alphabet. This behaviour is strictly for a BOYS NIGHT OUT!


6 thoughts on “Men, Women and Yaymen

  1. sumtimes we do leave our man feeling insecure by not payin attention due 2 work or else…so such an effort of makin ’em feel important n cleaning d air is really appreciable!!!!

  2. purr and shaaq have soon-to-be-men in their lives already? damn!!! where are all the eligible girls going!!!

    oh and we love you too 🙂

    ps: sometimes, women encourage our weird behaviour by laughing at our most outrageous actions…and that’s how i turned out the way i am, btw 😛

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