and here’s a follow up to that post!!


me:  wat??

S:  Who’s B in the Gtalk convo? 🙂

me:  Guess!

S:  I can’t..

too bad at it

me:  cmon!

S:  umm

Oh wait

B stands for Bxxx 😐

“a heterosexual man”

from this I can make it out easily



me:  lol

S:  I dont need to ask you but I know that I am correct!

me:  so then, why did you?


I couldn’t guess it untill I read it again


good enuf

i wouldnt want anyone else to guess

unless bxxxx reads it

which i highly doubt!

S:  he might

he’s heterosexual

remember? 🙂

me:  lol

wtf iz dat supposed to mean?

S:  That means..

he’s just gonna google for Lesb and your blog will show up

and he’s gonna read it.

me:  lol



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