Random gtalk conversations that still make me laugh!

Bah! i love the ending!

me: u suck1

6 minutes

6:15 PM b: WHAT?

6:16 PM me: neva mind

ur slow!

b: grrrr u lesbo

6:17 PM me: haha i know the thought turns u on!!

b: thats true, i admit

i love lesbians

me: haha



b: so?

6:18 PM why hang out with me?

me: isso malikade pisso, burua

cus u remind me of this girl i once made out with!

6:19 PM b: tell me

what did u do?

and i remind u of a girl?wtf

6:20 PM me: what do u mean what did i do?

u remind me of a girl like sinead oconnor or demi moore from GI Jane!

6:21 PM b: i mean how was the making out like?

demi moore? what the flying fuck?

me: haha

6:22 PM the making was good

quite sensuous actually

no stubble or anything!! very soft



6:23 PM b: and what else?

u two got nekked?

6 minutes

6:29 PM me: haha arent you the curious one?

8 minutes

6:38 PM b: i am a man

a heterosexual man

6:39 PM me: haha..

thank god u clarified!!

6:41 PM b: so gimme the juicy details

6:42 PM me: no way…

6:43 PM its too too personal

6:45 PM b: okay

but gimme an overview

a birds eye view

no need to make it a porno

me: why?

arent you satified with your past sexual experiences?

6:46 PM would you tell me if i asked you what it was liked with your girl>?

b: umm no

6:47 PM but as i said i am not asking the gory details

me: whatever…

6:48 PM b: besides i like to know things

me: watch porn!

6:49 PM b: precisely..you dont get a real life explanation of things from porn\

6:50 PM me: haha ask another girl then…cus im not telling im sorry…your gonna have to bribe me to get that information out

b: whats the bribe?

me: be creative… depends on how merciful i am today

6:51 PM b: hmm lets discuss it

me: haha ur wish…

6:53 PM b: what?

how abt i acompany u when u shop?

(He goes on to say he wants to buy something for his girlfriend)

b: i was thinking of lingerie…she mentioned it once obliquely

me: will get there faster and on time


dyu know her sizes?

7:03 PM b: thats a problem

i don’t 😦

me: shit…ummm ok..

7:04 PM but roughly you do ryt?

so we can prolly get her some nice underwear and those negligee sorta tops

7:05 PM that are lacy and see thru..

we dont want a wrong bra

itl b a waste

7:08 PM b: yeah that was the idea

i roughly know

me: k…

so you dont need to buy her a bra-y thing maybe just a bikini top yknoq

im going into lokhandwala today…

7:09 PM u wanna look around…

but i cant stay long i gotta go home quick…

b: damn

i am tied up here today

dont know

when are u coming here

okay i will finish my work in 30 minutes

7:10 PM me: im leaving by around 7-45 / 8 from here

but where is she currently?


b: ya

7:12 PM me: http://www.xxxxlingerie.co.uk/

check that out

b: cant

at work now

me: haha

7:13 PM save it and check later

i dont even know why im doing ths

u figure it out and let me know ok?

7:14 PM b: lemme see

7:16 PM me: k

so u wanna come along today

or shud i just go ahead

7:17 PM  me: ok…

7 minutes

7:32 PM b: okay where do we meet up?

me: aight im leaving here!!!

ummm infinity/

mayb n then we’ll take an auto to lokhandwala cuz i dunno the buses that go to lokhandwala

7:33 PM b: okay

i am wrapping up shit

7:34 PM me: ok…

but dont bring it along

myt smell


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