She knows. Epilogue.

She stares into the emptiness of yesterday. It is real. Her heart swells at the realization that everything surrounding her is nothing but a fake disguise.

This is not her. She does not belong here. She knows.

She can’t stop the rain from falling. She can’t stop the tears from falling. She faces dawn with sleepless eyes. She can’t go on. She can’t stop the rain from falling.

She’s wrong. She knows. Stuck inside a dream, love left a bitter taste. She wants to walk away.

She can’t sleep. She can’t breathe. Five hundred wasted dreams wet her eyes. Time will heal. She will breathe again, dream again. Be free again.

The clock sends her back. Her dreams are lost, wrong. She runs. She is pulled down, onto her feet. Landing directly onto reality’s path.  She says goodbye.

She’s lived a lie. It broke her. Killed. Every heart beat drums her loss. She can’t escape, now.

The thoughts of him just fade away. Her heart hides. She is free again, innocent.


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