Growing up for me had been painful; I was an athletic, all around girl with sports, cars and bikes on my mind.

I loved basketball, lived for cricket and hollered at every soccer game possible. I was also excited and endeared by the fact, that in 1923, 173 new inventions by women for cars were developed which included the carburettor and the electric engine switch! I lived to be a mechanic. That was the first instant my parents disowned me.

Did you also know, the newest airbags explode at 200mph?? How safe is that? Bah! So while I was fantasizing about owning a vintage muscle car, the other girls I knew were playing with barbies! Seriosuly, is a Barbie any comparison to the classic integrity of a muscle car and the way they rumble?

I still want a 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle. Who wouldn’t want a V-8 engine, with horse power at 375 @ 5600rpm? Or torque at 415 @3600rpm. Gosh, I’ve got a cargasm!!!

I mean how can you not be tempted to street race or drag?! I know I’ve worn out the controls on my controller just by playing the game!! And man, oh, man the engine on those babies!

Just like dogs are man’s best friends, why can’t cars be a girls best?

The last week has been consumed with finding a perfect car, help me forget the crx and move on… It’s been a car-tastic week!


4 thoughts on “Vrooooooooom!

  1. While not a complete speed junkie, I love bikes. I mean to ride them, rather than riding pillion to some guy who just breaks for everything and nothing. Its so thrilling na? The machine and power all your command?
    Hope you get the meanest machine available. And that you live in a city which allows you to use it to the fullest 🙂

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