Change starts with me!

TICKLEBEAR(QUEER)-GAY_PRIDE (1)So a couple of nights ago, while on the phone with my mom, I realized that although she might be the coolest mom on the planet, her conservativeness lurks somewhere beneath the surface. I could talk to my mom about anything on the planet and she would not be shocked or amazed, or so I thought.

That night, I told her about the Gay Pride March and the Queer Azaadi. Her first question to me was “Why did you attend the march?”, “I want to show my gay/closeted friends that I will support them, no matter what” I said.

“Ok, but are you gay?” she asked. “Err… No. But what if I was?” I replied. “Don’t act like a bloody fool, have we raised you the wrong way, that you need to be satisfied by a woman?” she asked.


Err… Wait a minute! What does THAT have to do with my sexual orientation? “Ma, would you love me any less if I was a lesbian?” without missing a beat, she retorted “Off course not! You are and will always be our daughter, we just never figured you to be Lesbian. Or any other orientation apart from straight!”

“Will you just be satisfied by a woman that just sucks and licks you?” “Err, Ma, what does a boy do differently to arouse me?” I asked. “Pokes and F*cks” came the taut reply. Ok, I knew where this was headed. But she continued “This will initially be hard to stomach, but I guess eventually (read: never) we will come around. Also anything that happens to your father, after I tell him about this conversation, you will be responsible!”

“Relax, Ma, I’m as straight as a stripper’s pole, I was just being curious!” she keeps silent for about 5 seconds and then says “Not funny Michelle, you know I have heart problems!” I apologized and ended the conversation there and moved onto other topics.

But here’s my bone to pick, why does someone’s orientation need to be a status consideration. I think our LGTB population is so balanced in emotions and so focused on what they want. Why do they think that being gay or lesbian is only with the physical sexual aspect? Why should they be treated any differently? Why do you run away from them? Why do they scare you? Homesxuality is NOT a disease.


Why do we identify these people by the sexual preference, if I like coke and you like pepsi, does it make me a lesser mortal? If I like oral and you are against it, does it make me less sexual? Or I like anal and you think it’s sick, should I say you’re a lousy sexual mate?

That’s what I thought, too. We should pride ourselves, regardless of our orientation. Embrace everyone else’ as well. I do not force you to agree with what I say, but accept that they are a part of our society and they are equal.


Pride is an affirmation of our individuality and I am proud to support my gay friends. The parade on Sunday was so colourful and there was genuine happiness and pride. It was festive with dancers, sign boards, drag queens and loud singing. These are the same activitists who fight for AIDS awareness and anti-LGTB violence. They were mothers, brothers, sisters, uncles, families present to supports their sgay children. It made me realize that our society is waking up. It warmed my heart.

It was like society was loosening its grip and  giving LGBT’s the room to find an identity in our culture. There were no protests, no attacks, we hope the movement will snowball and allow LGBT’s to no more be outsiders, but embraced.



2 thoughts on “Change starts with me!

  1. This could be anybody’s mother……The point is its a momentous thin to happen in INdia……It wil take time……BUt it wil surely be Normal in its due time as with most other things …..

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