When India takes 2 steps forward, we have people who’ll pull her back!

Last weekend was good! A wake up call if you must! I like that India as a nation is slowly awakening. I love that we no more live in denial. I love that our youth is the most outspoken we have ever been. And I love that we want to be bigger and better than we currently are.

That being said, last weekend it made me happy to see people I was acquainted or even friends with, contribute to a larger cause. They dressed down, put on their overalls, lugged paint cans and tried to make our city a little prettier. We may have culture and tradition and be famed world over for our spices and food, but we are, literally RUBBISH when it comes to cleanliness. We spit where we wanna spit, we pee where we wanna pee. It’s sad and shows our ignorance. Yes, there are people who know better, but don’t take a step to stop it once and for all. As a nation, we need to WANT to be better.

The group together!

The group together!

So I made Kristopher come pick me up and DEMANDED he take me around the city to visit the Wall Project. I was in awe, surprised even.

The Wall Project was amazing, just like music is a universal language so is art, all ages and races came together to paint their views. To showcase how they felt and why they wanted to contribute.

Michael Jackson Lives on!

Michael Jackson Lives on!



No matter whether you were a professional or not, this was your day to own a wall and shout out what you had to say. I loved that the BMC took the initiative, I love that our city responded.

Watch what the painting on the left later becomes!

Watch what the painting on the left later becomes!

There was such an amazing vibe around it. Friends were made, although they had their difference, they had the same reason for being there. They loved their city and they wanted to be a part of it as it grew better. I cried a silent tear, one of joy as I got to muck around with paint. Although I did paint Krissy’s head a tad too much, I did still contribute. (Ok, maybe I dint)


While all of that was fun, it wasn’t malicious, and I am sure anybody in their right mind, would not want to be malicious. I was wrong.

Remember the picture above, this was the revised version clicked by Mahafreed, earlier today.


I never took the saying that an idle unemployed mind is a devils workshop until I saw these. It shames me to know that I have vaguely in the past spoken or hung out with these people, whatever their intentions were, this was disappointing. Sad, really. @aalaap, @goobimama cheap shot guys. We definitely thought you could be more productive.




And although they have since “cleaned up” their act, the remains will still be there.



24079143Just goes to show, why we might always stay a third world nation, cuz no matter how many steps India takes forward, we will always have someone pulling her back.

But we live in the hope that we will win in our fight in making this city a better place.


13 thoughts on “When India takes 2 steps forward, we have people who’ll pull her back!

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  2. nice pics Mich!!! 🙂 agreed on your point about the cheap shot thingy!!! you should’ve seen the twitpics that were there in the afternoon today! man!!! they seriously were totally cheap! 😦

  3. Heh! graffiti artists who can’t take someone graffiti-ing their work. SO LAME. So, what someone wrote “Fuck you?”

    You want to express “creatively” and want to stop others from expressing. Maybe all I can think of is blatant marketing and curse words. Deal with it.

    • It’s not about that! They weren’t being graffiti artists to just liven up some walls, there was a bigger cause.

      Something, i thought the vandalizers did not get. And if they thought their “graffiti” work was done right… and they were “EXPRESSING” themselves, why did they go back to clean it up. Also why not go get a blank wall themselves and scribble “Fuck you!” any which fuckit way they want to, why express themselves on someone else’ expression? That my friend, is LAME.

  4. Hey, I went yesterday and I saw Spitphyre, and I KNEW IT WAS REENA. This wall was amazing, and so were the others ‘mmmbai’ and some that you have posted.


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