She lay there.

She lay awake. She was torn. He gave her his heart, she broke it. Shred it. She lay there. Dipped into the feeling, strangely enjoying it. She hated herself.

Love took shape and body. She walked by. She knew he deserved better. She led him on. Souls and bodies keen, she gave him hers. He made love to it. She lusted. She lay there.

That night was soon long ago. The summer belonged to them. There will be other nights like this. With another. He cried out. In pleasure, she wept. She lay there.

She played a game too rough. He knew nothing of her. She was mystery shrouded in emotion. She caressed his chest. He knew. She lay there. This was his time. He wanted her.

She arched her back, he traced her lines. She matched his breathing, he embraced the moment. She closed her eyes and regretted this moment, he closed his, it felt divine.

She lay there. He lay there. This was her plan. She kissed his head and whispered sweet nothings into his ear. He was asleep. She watched him sigh. She felt a pang. This was his time. She heard a bang.

The voices knew her. She was filled with remorse. She drew his blood. He breathed his last. Her hands painted, she lay there.

Another world, another universe. Destroyed.


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