James Cameron just outdid himself!

$140 billion, 12 years or more and 24 minutes later, I was in shock. I couldn’t speak, well maybe I could but flabbergasted would be an understatement.

James Cameron has every right to be pompous, the ambition in this movie has hit the nail on it’s head. The slow and steady truly win the race. The movie took more than a decade to make as Cameron had to wait just that long for technology to be “perfect” for this movie.

Thankfully Moksh helped us get that much closer. So Kris, Andrea, Shawn, Urmi and I cozied into our seats, joked around. We were THE loudest there last night. We were ready to experience Cameron and to take on anything he threw at us. Or so we thought! Silence.

The trailer opened with crippled Jake Sully (Sam Worthinhton) being briefed by a commanding officer. As the scenes flashed in front of us, we ooh-ed and ahh-ed. We saw Jake transform into his avatar, fight against the force, fit in and fall in love.  The final scene left us incomplete but wanting more.

I was in awe. I thought I had seen it all, Gollum, The Hulk, Lord of the Rings… but Cameron’s decade to make the movie was well worth the wait. I’ve watched a lot of 3-D movies; Cameron makes them look amateur and pointless. The characters were so real that you had to remind yourself they were CGI. Their eyes, faces, bodies made you forget where you were. The movie is in a league of its own.

As the whole audience felt numb with what they had just seen, Cameron in his introduction seemed so cool about it. Effortless, like he had just made a paper plane. It makes me realize how he could have contained himself for the last decade when I had been jumping for the sneak preview for the last month!

Cinema better be ready for a change. The Avatar has landed.


3 thoughts on “James Cameron just outdid himself!

  1. Good article mate,
    I am the Biggest james cameron fan on the planet and have been waiting for this movie since the last 5 years.What I saw was pretty cool but it felt as if this was more fantasy than hard-core sci-fi ala Aliens.
    Either ways this has my vote and I am sure crowds will flock to see it.
    Oh btw you would like to check my fanpage out
    If you have queries or doubts,mail me,Its great to meet a fellow movie junkie from your own backyard

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