Piece of shit.

It’s not like i would have attended it. I wouldn’t even have wanted to be invited or asked to come for moral support. But a short line, or post it would have been nice, just so i knew.

Social networking sites seems to make our online existence a boon. The bane though is when you discover an ex is getting married. How? Through FB. How did i find out about the engagement? Through FB. Again.

So what, if the relationship we had was nothing major? So what if we havent met in awhile (1 year to be exact). I have known him for the longest time ever. We shared a fun friendship! And we talked about all sorts of things. If he had the comfort to tell me he had syphilis, i doubt marriage would be a deadlier disease!

I remember how i broke down when we had a major fight. And how he said (through email) that i was the skankiest girl he knew. He wasnt getting any ass out of me. I remember when he told me how we needed to stop being friends as he had a new girlfriend.

I even was supportive enough to meet the bitch. I had to pretend to like her. For those of you who know me, know how hard it is for me to pretend and what a terrible actor i am. So next best thing? Get drunk! It was easier after that!

I remember going to the bar getting myself a drink, turning around to find the leaning against the pool table playing tonsil-hockey. Dashing to the loo so i could puke my guts out. When i returned i was all smiles *anothercosmopolitanplease* and back to being my regular drunk fun-selfย  *anotherdoublescotchontherocksplease* and endless witty phrases. *Iwantmorescotchontherockswithouttherocksplease* The evening ended with a slurry version of ” i hope to see you again, ho.” or something to that effect.

I don’t think of him much now. I have happiness in life and i know how silly i was to feel that way, considering it really never was love.

But you know what sux?



14 thoughts on “Piece of shit.

  1. Hmmmm..watever u do…Down somewhere all these feelings are always there…N seeing such things as engagement or marriage n tht thru FB makes them jus blow up lik a volcano….
    But as u hav already written about it, i think they wil die down…..

    Once u love someone, U always love them…….u jus cant run away from it……N not staying in touch is worse……
    N i seriously hate such behaviour…….

  2. Darling, darling, darling…

    I think within the short span of this rant, you’ve proven to yourself (and anyone who reads this), that although this guy may have tried being a friend to you, and may have once even been a boyfriend….but he’s clearly not deserving of EITHER of those titles!

    I mean you had me at “syphillis”…but then “Let’s stop being friends coz I have a girlfriend”??? Haha, this guy is a hot mess all around, girl…to put it mildly, i’m glad he’s scooped his undescended balls and found someone who’ll put up with his shit (and in his case, I hope its for more than the while until she finds out what a douche he is)…coz YOU, my love, are WAY better that THAT *scoffs*

    P.S…since when are facebook and twitter the official ways to announce any significant (and rather insignificant) events that occur in our lives, ANYWAY? *grrr*

      • lmao ๐Ÿ˜› i love that we speak the same language…

        wonder if that’s how he got the Syph in the first place…*wonders* hmmm…. lol ๐Ÿ˜›

        p.s…dont hate boys, just hate the stupid ones! coz the not-s0-stupid ones are oh-so-sexy!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Welcome to the club love! I suggest to wait just long enough for that one single event to find closure and in the mean time get a cathartic dude… (it’s a long theory really) But yeah, these 2 episodes more or less purge all feelings of nausea whenever the tot of tonsil hockey pops in your head…

  4. I find it very very stupid that people announce marriages and relationships on Facebook. And for those who do, its like a cheap shot at being wanted and being famous amongst friends! The attention, the comments, the oohs and the wows is all they are looking for.
    And this piece of human junk should get a hubby beating spouse! Now that is all I wish for him…

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