My highs and my lows…

So my blog has been ignored and I need to keep up with it, else it’s gonna leave my sorry ass. But since I have been writing lately, a lot might I add, I just did not have the time for this. Life’s finally getting back on track, I have a job I love, people around me that I adore.

I do not think this can get any better. Ok, maybe it could. But I am a little more optimistic that I was. It hasn’t always been easy and it’s at time like those that I tend to pen down random thoughts. Stuff that makes me laugh, cry, smile. ALL AT THE SAME FRIGGIN TIME!

Like the fact that I laugh, inwardly when I fart. (YES, women DO fart.) And I also laugh at the other’s too, I don’t want to be selfish. What can I say? Our earth is habited by people who think that is funny, and those who think I’m disgusting. Both reactions make me laugh harder, snort and fart. Again.

Sitting in the luxury of our air conditioned buses, I caught my co-passenger throwing me gagging looks as I picked my nose. Aww, c’mon its not like you have NEVER done it. Sometimes the booger is so faaaaar inside, a tissue will JUST not work. Besides, that’s the ONLY gold I will be able to dig for. Leave me be, also, I wash my hands…eventually.

I sleep with a pillow. Not on one, WITH one. Yes, I maybe a 20-something, but I do. I’ve been made fun off, regaled or whatever and I DONT CARE! Because I am not afraid to embrace my inner child, which is a pillow.

I write EVERYTHING down. It could be a random shop sign. BUT I WILL WRITE IT. It makes me happy, it makes me remember fun things. It helps me write. Maybe it’s a product of living alone or venturing out on my own, although I’m rather sociable, I love when I can sit and write in complete silence. That to me, is sex.

I think it takes skill to be abrupt and I love it.

I have to wash my feet before I do ANYTHING. Wanna meet me for lunch? No, don’t worry I showered this morning, but I need to wash my feet. Market, sure, let me just wash my feet and be there. Sex? Haha, no.


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