35 things you didnt know about me…until now…

35 more Random Things about Me:

1. I hate kids! I mean at least the annoying ones… I never want to have any of my own…Cus im sure if I do they’d be as rebellious and disobedient as I am and their first word will be “fuck!”

2. I smoke. (So f*cking what?)

3. I have a shoe fetish. Sneakers, pumps, stilettos whatever. I am their number one biggest fan. Buy me an expensive pretty pair and I’m your slave!!

4. I love shredding machines. The destruction it can do, silently! I think its cause we’re so alike that I love it.

5. I taught myself how to cook. I was raised by my maid as my folks worked all day long. Her.cooking.was.appalling. I either had to teach myself to cook or die of food poisoning. I started before I could even climb high enough. I am a fantastic cook.

6. I am 23 and I still don’t have a bike’s license. Shocking I know.

7. Angelina Jolie annoys the living FUCK out of me. I refuse to watch a movie that has her in it. That poncey pout of hers just makes me want to punch her in the mouth and give her a proper fat lip.

8. I love Jackass. I have a box-set of the DVDs I borrowed from a friend last year. I doubt she’ll ever get them back. I can watch them over and over and over and still think it’s just as funny as the first time.

9. I am a sucker for promotions. Give me a free sample of your product, and I’m likely to buy it. Even if I don’t need it.

10. My current product-related obsession Herbal Essences. I think I must have the entire range!! Every time I go to the shops I get more. I can’t help myself.

11. I am left handed. I cannot even brush my teeth with my right hand, let alone wash my behind!
12. I love hair bands. I wear them all the time when im at home.

13. I love to eat. If I can find anything that’s edible and interesting, ill try it out! Im adventurous like that! The worst I’ve eaten is Camel hump!! *puke*

14. Those prada handbag creations are also a big YAY for me. Love those too. My friend bought a yellow metal one. Don’t think I’ve ever been more jealous in my life.

15. I hate my current hairstyle. The hairdresser fucked it up. But I was too polite to have a shit-fit about it.

16. I love French fries dipped in ice-cream. I won’t eat fries any other way.

17. I have never read a ‘Hardy Boys’ or ‘Babysitter’s Club’ book in my life. While my friends were reading those in the 5th grade I was reading John Grisham.

18. I hated Biology at school. Dropped it at the end of 9th grade and took Math instead. I find that funny, because in Grade 1 I remember winning the bio / science prize. But then again – how hard is it to believe the world is round?

19. if I ever get pregnant, ill have just one, it my other half wants another, he can have it when he can carry it for 9 months!!

20. I only brush my teeth twice a day.

21. The view from window is the street and pan sellers. Welcome to Mumbai. I am originally from Bahrain. I miss everything about it except the unbearable heat, not humidity.

22. I love rock music. 3 Doors Down make me weak at the knees. AR Rahman and Yanni make me want to vomit.

23. I would rather eat crisps than sweets and chocolate. I don’t like chocolate that much. But I can punish a good bag of Lays.

24. TGIF’s steak & Red Box’s pasta is bloody close to my idea of heaven in a jar.

25. I love The Body Shop. Their Brazil nut products smell like fudge.

26. I have no grandfathers alive. But I do have 1 grand-mother still living. Although she’s living with the fairies and its time for her to go…soon!

27. I have one younger sister, who I’d protect with my life, unless im the one killing her

28. I like to stare at people in elevators. It makes them uncomfortable.

29. I hate seeing dirty nails or toe nails. It shows uncleanliness!!

30. I need at least 2 pillows to sleep on at night!

31. I have recently developed a fondness for Corona & Lime. The drink and the song! I wasn’t a very big fan, but now I can’t get enough. The same with Cranberry juice

32. I love reading the agony aunt section and sex advice section in magazines and newspapers. I love reading about other people’s problems. Be honest, you do too!

33. I hate watching sports like show jumping, ice skating, gymnastics or synchronized swimming on TV. Give me rugby and golf and soccer and I’m glued to the screen. Especially soccer.

34. I prefer showering to bathing. Bathing is too lazy I might drown in my own bath tub!

35. I have a seriously foul vocabulary. Yet I cannot talk dirty. I can use words like ‘cock’ and ‘pussy’ as swear words, but ask me to use them in an erotic fashion, and I go all shy.
My favorite swearword right now is ‘dickweed’. I know, it’s appalling.


5 thoughts on “35 things you didnt know about me…until now…

  1. LOL..
    Reading this post makes me think of you as an even more interesting person…
    Could identify to many but totally shuddered at few.. Like puking at ARR’s music…
    Nonetheless, entertaining read…

  2. Nice space you have here. Your 35 things are so very different from what mine would be. It’s amazing how we can be such contrasts and yet be a wee bit similar.

    As they said in school (in books and the movies anyway)… Want to be friends? 🙂

    • Hey, thanks!

      We’re ALL really alike. Just that we perceive things differently.

      Sure, let’s be friends. Thankfully, this invitation came via the blog, if you did it on FB or elsewhere i might have been sceptical! 🙂

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