To all you single people!

I still remember jumping on bar tables, belting out Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” played. It stood for everything I was. Single and god knows I was mingling. It’s like one day you feel so awesome singing that out aloud in your underwear in front of the mirror using the hairbrush as a mic and the next day doing the same thing again. I loved being single.

Recently that changed. I got out of a not so good relationship like 2 ½ years ago and I never really received closure from that. I plunged into another relationship without committing to him 100%. But he wasn’t the one for me, much to his disappointment I’m sure. But I did care about him, and then I met the new one. Circumstances aren’t too kind, but I am happy. For how long? Only this boy can control.

But while I was being consoled after two failed relationships, I wanted to punch people into the cosmos when they told me to stop looking for love and simply allow “it” to happen to me. And although that is exactly what happened with the new boy, it’s terrible, terrible advice. I mean, it’s annoying because I feel like I can’t control anything anymore, like I have to trust the universe to solve my relationship issues. Look what that did to Adam and Eve!

It would have been better if someone had simply said… it’s not ok to beat yourself up about not having a boyfriend or being depressed that you have no one to come home to, it is not going to make Prince Charming magically appear. Sometime 5 boys will ask you out on dates, sometimes the only interaction with the male species you will have is with Yogesh the coffee boy at work (asking him to get you coffee of course). Although you can control your life to a certain extent, there’s nothing you can do about controlling, who you meet, when you meet them or if they even feel anything for you.

And we have enough going on; school pressure, work pressure, PARENT PRESSURE. Dating should be leisure! There are amazing perks to being single and magical perks to being coupled, whatever your situation, exploit what you have.

While the new boy is awesome and he makes me happy and tingly everything we meet or speak, I can’t help but think of days when I was single. My single friends who know the new boy glare and call me crazy. But after plunging into exclusivity, I recently met a super hot boy who actually said he enjoyed my company and thought I was fun! I’m pretty sure relationship Gods were testing me and I did not give him my number. All I could do though was run to the end of my chain and bark! (God bless you, Walter!) So the next time you’re complaining of being single, remember that you can flirt and take anyone home. You don’t even have to shave your legs! Love the perks while you can!


14 thoughts on “To all you single people!

  1. welll its like the grass thats on the greener side no… we ache to be in a relationship and then we moan abt how we miss the single days. u is goddess of advice woman! enjoy what u have and make the effort when u have to… cosmo=ghanta

    • Little secret: The grass on the other side is brown. True Story. Also we moan. God! We moan! Also i know with my girls around, i’ll always do the right thing. Or at least the thing that makes us feel right! You is Goddess too. Period.

  2. how much ever we crib about …..i have come to realize that bloody there’s no grass only on the other side ( let alone it being brown )

  3. really happiness comes when you are all by urself…!!
    being sigle n ready to mingle always sounds gr8.. loved it ..!!

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