She sleeps.

The night isn’t dark anymore… That’s when she moves. She feels his presence in her veins. He left her. A long time ago.

She gave him her heart, he placed it in hell. She gave him herself, he disregarded her. She knew all that he did, she was aware. He betrayed her. She loved him, yet.

She moved in the night, amongst the shadows. She crawled in the darkness to emotions she had put away. She wept in the silence. A thousand screams muting her. She knew.

He betrayed with his words, she loved him with her actions. He didn’t know she existed, she shined in his presence. He would lose her eventually, the day she would find him.

She sat, contemplating. She couldn’t go on. She would love him like no other, but she knew he didn’t care. His pretence hurt her more.

She lived in his facade. She died in his arms. She lay down to sleep.

She sleeps.

P.s. The photo was taken from a flickr gallery that belongs to Agnieszka. More of her photography can be found here.


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