Of Boobs and things…

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9 thoughts on “Of Boobs and things…

  1. this was interesting…i think its great how you discussed the topic so frankly. personally, i agree with you that guys tend to pretend that big breasts are important but when it really comes down to it, they look at what a girl is actually like rather than what her bra size is. and from a girl’s perspective, i don’t think boob size matters so much to us unless we think that ‘oh, guys will find me more attractive if i have larger breasts’.

  2. I think this was a concise, well thought-out, dual-sided and altogether enjoyable listen. You touched on some very important points about breasts, infatuations, men and women, and indeed human psyche.

    Too bad I was distracted by the boobies.

  3. Boobs are awesome, nuf said.

    Do you know why god gave us hands? Its cause.. he wanted us to hold those perfectly moulded knockers in our hands.

  4. a breast hand full size is enuf…anything bigger than that is I personally feel is ugly.
    well coming to reasons…y guys lech… apart from those which ur friends told..
    point 1) see the breasts r generally hidden which raises the curiosity level..and thats y guys ogle at that..I dont think the leching and ogling would be that much if there wasnt any concept of hiding breasts..

    point 2) single guys and guys in reln; well most single guys obviously lust for women and prefer casual reln..cos of which a bigger boobs matter.. whereas a guy in reln really dont care about size..cos a person in love really loves for whatevr the person is..and in whole..and not parts of it

    PS: you will get things, when you give..so comment on others to get comments back

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