We all have stories. How we choose to tell them makes all the difference.

Just as the title says.

I’ve lived my life learning from past experiences, growing stronger from rejections, letting go of the dead weight. I’ve also whined about how bad life is while doing all of the above. My only regret here and now is that. I’ve just whined.

In time, i’ve come to live my life the way it should be lived. Transgressions are phases and loss is imperative. I’ve learned to take time out and smell the flowers and even indulged in sipping freshly brewed coffee and taking in its aroma. Possibly the reason for my addiction to it now.

Then i came across the works of one individual. Neil Dantas. My world, my thoughts, my beliefs changed. He chose to tell his story in a way that i would never. He inspires. He dreams. He does.

I won’t harp on him anymore… i’ll let you tell it himself… here.


Photo Courtesy: http://www.neildantas.com - Also how cute is he?

Do check out the stuff he’s made! I love this little treasure!

Have you seen something funky and inspiring lately? Tell me about it!


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