10 Blogs I enjoyed reading in 2010

So, while the entire world now relies on blogs for news and updates from their favorite companies or geeks or experts, i *still* read blogs for fun!

It’s a great way to connect and sometimes, just sometimes, a comfort that you are not alone.

Here are my top picks of blogs that don’t get enough credit:

1. Limeice and ALL she does – Who said marriage was the end of life? (Ok, i did, but i didnt know better). This mother of two is by far the most incredibly beautiful and creative person i know. She takes soulful pictures, writes brilliantly funny 140 character sentences and does the most brilliant work from home, while juggling two of the cutest kids ever!

This was stolen off of Facebook, i'm assuming she loves me and won't sue.

Want to stalk her on twitter? HERE. Want to see some of that photography? HERE Want to give her some work? HERE.

2. A Fat Life – Written by Rashmi Nair, this blog is about all she goes through and things entertaining to her. All her posts generally relate to everyday life and the things she goes through. FUN! FUN! FUN!

Rashmi Nair's Fat Life

Follow her on Twitter – HERE. Go through her Flickr – HERE. YouTube her? HERE. Read her blog – HERE.

3. All Women Stalk – I’m a stickler for blogs that help me convert everyday household items and clothes into NEW, FASHIONABLE items. Anything done on the cheap that looks authentic has my attention. Yes, i am cheap. But creative.

For Beauty, Love, Dieting, Fashion - This is your one stop-shop!

This blog has some great DIY stuff that will keep you occupied for hours! And they have topics for everyone! READ ABOUT THEM HERE.

4. Desi Ghee and Coffee – One of the better blogs about personal issues. I was first drawn to this blog with their series on confessions and it’s a great blog if you want to read about domestic Indian issues or just general life for that matter. Read the blog HERE. Follow them on Twitter – HERE.

DGC - An honest blog.

5. Pop Hangover – They’ve ”been skewering pop culture since 1999, when we first launched Pophangover.com. Since then, the site has been viewed by tens of millions of people, and we’re proud that Pophangover has grown into one of the internet’s premiere destinations for pop culture satire. It is often linked to and referenced by celebrities, journalists, and news publications, both in print and on the web.” DO YOU NEED ANYMORE EXPLANATION?

For all things pop culture.

Regardless, they’re awesome. They host a blog that’s one of those blogs you know? The ones you can keep reading over and over again. HERE, go read something. Join them on Facebook  HERE. Follow them on Twitter HERE. RSS them HERE.

6. MissMalini – I’ll be honest and i’ll say that Bollywood has got to be the shittiest industry in the world, but boy! does it make for some great blog material. I moved 3 years ago to Indian shores and knew nothing about the industry here and frankly, didnt want to either. All blogs, stories on them seemed incredulous. Until i chanced upon MissMalini on Twitter and then eventually her blog and unbelievably to working with her.

Miss Malini - She looks just like her avatar 🙂

She has some incredibly funny posts as well as some really great contests!

7. Post Secret – This is by far the most brilliant idea ever! Everybody has a secret, but not everybody can talk about it. Post Secret allows you to send in postcards or emails posting your secrets to the world. Anonymously offcourse. VISIT THE BLOG HERE.

I love Post Secret!

8. Cupcakes and Cashmere – Another find by MissMalini – well a friend of hers recommended, but anyway this blog puts together two of my favorite things, clothes and food! I wont say much but let you see for yourself. Visit the blog HERE. Follow her on Twitter HERE.

The girl in the picture is the blogger! How pretty is she?

9. Spitphyre – While we’ve shared our bits of ups and downs (mostly my fault and my assumed righteous thinking and jumping the gun and all that), this pretty little east Indian girl is full of spunk, girliness and what not! Her blogs pretty awesome too, not your run-of-the-mill fancy shmancy but heart-warming never the less and boy! can she write!

Plus she’s a super jar woman and WHO DOESNT LOVE THAT?

Super Jar Woman (Another picture stolen of Facebook. Please dont sue.)

Follow her on Twitter HERE. Read her BLOG HERE. Tumble with her, HERE.

10. Ashwin Pande – The weirdest man i know but crazy interesting. Interesting in that ‘new-species-found-on-earth-and-I’m-a-scientist’ type interesting. Interesting enough for you to want to kill him. But funny. And stupid. And funny again. Also makes the BEST YOUTUBE videos when drunk. I’ll show you a picture so you wouldnt need another explanation.

You're free to imagine what he must be doing.

Regardless, he’s still pretty cool. Follow him on Twitter HERE, Read his blog HERE and watch/listen to his YouTube videos HERE.

So this is my list for 2010, i love to read and if you think I’ve missed out on reading some great ones, including yours, leave links in the comment section below and i’ll get to it, right away!

Happy 2011!




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