Top Favorite Videos of 2010

So, this year, I’m resoluting (that’s a made up word, yes.) to post more often. Even if it’s just about something i like.

To start it off, i’m going to post my favorite YouTube videos of 2010.

1. Die MotherF*cker Die – This was epic. Also incredibly sweet and abusive. Just like i like my relationships.

2. Regina Spektor Bloopers – One of the most recent wonders the music industry has thrown out to us. I think her performances are so genuine and it would be incredibly hard to dislike her, even if she forgets lyrics at a live performance.

3. Step Up 3D: Robot Rock – This just blew my mind. I watched the movie 3 times and all 3 times i was in awe. My prayer to God has now changed from ‘Dear God, please make my friends fat.’ to ‘Dear God, please make me dance like that.’

4. Marry Me – Train – A friend of mine got engaged last year and this was the song her then-boyfriend sang to her while he proposed. It’s beautiful. The lyrics are pure and simple. It’s great if you’re a sap.

5. As big as the sky – AM Sixty – This was something the ex-boyfriend found ( i may be wrong). Ironically, it was at around the time we broke up. However, this song is cute and the video made me smile before i went back to being a b*tch.

6. DJ Suketu Remix of Beautiful Girls – As an avid fan of MissMalini, her vlogs while being a hoot to watch have this really catchy tune at the end of it. I HAD TO FIND OUT what it was and considering the proximity we are in, i asked. Im not a huge bollywood enthusiast but this song got my foot thumping in seconds. Seconds before i passed out from excessive alcohol. Which might explain why this song was stuck in my head for a couple of days after.

7. Bed Intruder – THIS HAS TO BE THE MOST TALKED ABOUT VIDEO for 2010. A small town man, Antoine couldn’t have guessed in a million year, a tragedy response like his could reach such high levels. Out of curiosity, did they ever catch the rapist?

What’s yours? I love YouTube, spread some love here! 🙂



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