5 Things New York

So, since i’ve traveled extensively, i decided to start writing about my travels in the past. Apart from visiting touristy areas, i love the pass less taken.

Here are my 5 favorite New York sights:

1. Biking along Hudson River – My dad and I decided that we’d stop getting ripped off by cabbies and rent a bike. But where could we go on our mini-adventure? One of the locals suggested Hudson river for it’s scenic beauty, but knowing my father i knew this would be different. True enough we biked along the river, dipped our toes in it and rode off track and discovered flora and fauna within the nearby woods.

Photo Courtesy Bill Schneider.

2. The Skinny House – Hidden in Greenwich village, this cute, literally little, house is the skinniest house in the world. It’s a privately owned house so we werent allowed inside and the residents peeking through the curtains made me kinda shy to snap the building. šŸ˜¦

Photo Courtesy: salaswildthoughts.blogspot.com

3. Food tour – Being the avid eaters we are (how can you not tell?) I indulge in an 8 hour tour of the city, gorging on local treats. You wouldnt believe how much food you can pack into yourself in an 8 hour period. It was yum fun!

Notice the woman behind me?

4. Love Sculpture – I loved this little sculpture, well it wasnt little, but i loved it anyway! Located just outside the Indianapolis Museum of Art, it was a great place for couples in love to celebrate their love.

I wish i was a couple! šŸ™‚

While there, we got to see this beautiful couple, just out of church, their love and happiness was infectious!


5. Museum of Sex – Yes, i saved the best for last. Although a little pricy to get in ($15) it wasnt as dirty or raunchy as my father thought it would be. Surprisingly it was quite educational. We laughed, we cringed and at one point went our separate ways but it was great. The menu at the in-house cafe OralFixation is pretty super too.

Exactly as it says! O_O

Know your scumbags!

These are the places i enjoyed of the top of my mind. I wish i could remember it all because we had so much fun. Oh! Also the Brooklyn SuperHero store was awesome.

Let me know if you liked this and i’ll write more. Next up Thailand!






3 thoughts on “5 Things New York

  1. For a year I stayed at a hotel only blocks from the Sex Museum but I never went. šŸ˜¦ Well, New York itself is a bit of a museum of sex.

    I appreciate your food quest there. I spent a lot of time trying to eat everything offered in that city myself.

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