10 things Thailand

So, although i didnt get much feedback on my last post, im still going to log all my travels so i can keep track and never forget my memories.

Here are my favorite Thailand memories:

1. The Grand Palace – The Grand Palace is a must-see when you are in Bangkok, it is a collection of beautiful buildings and architectural wonders. They also have some of the finest Buddhist temples located within the palace.Once you are done with the main palace building, take a walk to nearby Wat Pho, home to the world’s largest reclining Buddha image and a famed massage school.Ā  Remember to keep your entry ticket, with it, you can take the ferry across the Chao Phraya river to Thonburi for the outstanding Wat Arun. It is one of Thailand’s most picturesque temples, and it is engraved on the inner part of all ten baht coins.

2. Have a drink or meal at the restaurant on the roof of the Banyan Tree Hotel – Although it is one of the most expensive hotels in Thailand to live at, the Banyan Tree roof-top restaurants offer a breath-taking panoramic view. They have two restaurants situated on the top most floor (61st floor!) named Vertigo Restaurant and Moon Bar. While Vertigo is a more fine dining experience reserved for special occasions, grabbing a drink at Moon Bar is more economical.

Moon Bar

3. Dance in a Thai NightClub – Avoid the regular touristy nightclubs, instead scout out of the local Thai night spots. One of those night spots that has authentic thai pop music and locals. The decor is different from regular nightclubs, there arent seating areas as such. Everybody just ‘claims’ a table to put their drinks on. This area also serves as the dance floor. Because alcohol is reasonably cheap, people usually buy a bottle of alcohol, share it with friends and dance the night away. If you do get a chance look up ‘Tawan Daeng’ on the internets and GO GO GO!

Tawan Daeng

4. Get a Massage – So, when in Thailand, relax like the ‘thighs’ want you to (Ok, lame, i know). but no, seriously, look around for ‘reputable’ massage spas and indulge. There are over 100 ‘different’ kind of massages. Stick to what you know – Thai Massage, Foot Massage and the likes. Whatever you do, if you’re not in the mood to get raunchy, avoid SOAPY MASSAGE places.Ā  Google it if you dont believe me.


5. Catch the Bangkok Sunset – Although this may be negative, because of the air pollution in Bangkok, their sunsets are exquisite and quite a sight to see.


6. Eat some local street food – Due to its profusion of food, Bangkok has more places to dine at than any other city worldwide. And i’m not taking restaurants here. Although each stall, food-cart, make-shift bike eatery may have a limited choice when it comes to variety, you can be assured whatever it is they are selling is close to best if not the best. Personal recommendations would be noodles with pork/shrimp/chicken balls topped with fresh vegetables.

Nom Nom nom

7. Shopping at the local markets (Chatuchak, Night Market, Floating Market) – Most markets are hot, sweaty, crowded, noisy and dirty. It is also the illegal harbour where you can find some great Gucci knock-offs or some fabulous Timmy Choos (no kiding!). Each market will have a million stalls if not more selling you just about anything! This is Bangkoks treasure cove for clothes, imitation jewelry or trinkets, new and second-hand furniture, plants, food. As with any market in the world, remember to bargain. Prices are quoted quite high and if you have the time, you can eventually buy it for less than half the initial price.

Chatuchak Market

Chatuchak Market

FLoating Market

8. Dare yourself to try some insects – Yes, i said insects. Stop being prude! TRY IT! What’s the use of getting back home and telling friends you had an ‘relishing hamburger’, seriously no one would care. My personal faves were the locusts, grubs and beetles. Yum! Yum! Yum! Most of them are located on Sukhumvit Road, Soi 4, markets at Pratunam and Khao San Raod.

Dont worry, they're dead. And fried.

9. Watch Thailands version of WWF – Thai Boxing or Muay Thai – The secret to this is to avoid the loudly advertised boxing matches around the city and find your way to either Lumphini and Ratchadamnoen Stadiums in Bangkok. Even if you arent particularly fond of boxing, this is a memory you will want to make. Dont buy the expensive ring-side seats, opt for being amongst the locals. That’s where most of the adventure is.

1, 2, 3, Floor.

10. Gogo Bar – How can you visit Thailand and not experience some Go-Go entertainment. It’s not as bad as you may think it is! Most of them can be found on Patpong Road. Just a note of cautionary advice, NEVER GO UPSTAIRS at a GO-GO Bar unless you’re ready to pay a heavy price. DONT BELIEVE ANYONE THAT TELLS YOU DIFFERENT!

Stick to the bar downstairs. Most of the Bars are for men, but i was curious enough and stumbled into this little place called King’s Corner Bar. They’re genuinely a little more friendly to both sexes. This is also where you can see ladyboys dancing live. They dont pressure or trouble customers, so kick back, relax, have a beer and laugh. YOU WILL LAUGH ALOT!

Pick the ladies from the ladyboys.

Thailand is a great little adventure, especially if you have the time but not the money. Tell me about your travels and if i have missed anything?

Till next time.



4 thoughts on “10 things Thailand

  1. This is super…. My next #SriniOnTour will be in Thailand sometime 6 months down the line… Will go there to meet a friend… I’m surely going to check these things out and certainly try real hard, to eat some insects šŸ™‚

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