Don’t give up!

So, i started by writing another one of those ‘letters to a younger me‘ posts but realized that a lot of the emotions i was going through were shared by a lot of those in my situations. So i decided to write this post for EVERYONE.

So here goes…

Life has changed in so many ways. You’re stronger, more independent and your parents are proud of you (Don’t be shocked; parents are capable of the good emotions too. Although sometimes, you’ll feel otherwise.)

Life has been rough but you’ve pulled through before, why give up now. Why let people get the better of you. Not worth it. So not worth it. Also you’re being stupid.

Be passionate about what you want, but live a little. And when you start to live, don’t make it a full time thing – GET BACK TO WORK. Learn to balance. Everything you choose to do, do it because you want to and not because you want to please people. Learn to enjoy being around people. Make friends; don’t neglect the ones you have because of a new muse or new friends. Keep your closest, close. Because when everyone else walks out on you, the friends you’ve had forever, will still be there. Don’t hang out with people who are secretly mean. You know who they are. If you are worried that they aren’t really friends, it means that they aren’t. Hang out with those you feel comfortable with even if they aren’t cool or ‘normal’.

Write more. It will let you get rid of pent up emotions and allow you to sleep at night and not binge eat. Also, cold pizza is the hatesex of food. Remember that, you’ll thank me for it. Be proud of all you have achieved. It took years to build it but you got there. You are independent and you may even have a dog. Love Music.

You picked a city to live in, you picked the toughest city to learn. And you survived! While it nutures you and lets you be the person you are, be true to yourself. It will give you friends you wished you knew earlier and also friends you will wish you never ever meet again. Get out of that cocoon you are in, learn to love. Love the world. It’s better than you actually think it is.

While you will be applauded for standing strong for what you believe in, sometimes walking away makes you the bigger person. WALK. At times when you think you know everything, take a step back. YOU DON’T. Well, not always. But I will tell you that you CAN handle anything. And you will come out stronger, no matter what you think when you are at your lowest.

You will love your parents, no matter how angry you are at them. You most probably get angry with them because you are scared of being away from them. Confront your problems, they aren’t as horrid as you think they are. Don’t work all the time, don’t party all the time. Breathe.

If you can’t find love that’s probably because you haven’t started to learn to love yourself. Do that and eventually everything else will fall in to place. Trust me on this. 10 years from now, you’ll be surprised at the things you accomplish, not because they were impossible but because 10 years ago they didn’t seem important. Never pass an opportunity to be better.

Go out. As much as you can. Avoid ‘liking’, ‘poking’ or retweeting. Cut down on your  addiction reliance frequent visits to Facebook and Twitter.  Stop procrastinating and start being productive.

Most importantly, NEVER EVER FORGET where you came from and who you are. You are where you are because of them. No matter what you say, you will be alright. We’ve got one life to live it and we’ll live it the best we can.


3 thoughts on “Don’t give up!

  1. It’s hard to love oneself and turn that to productive and healthy behavior. After all, we know all our own secrets, doubts, misbehavior, dark thoughts, and guilty pleasures. It’s easy to focus on those and loose mind of what good is in you. Self awareness is a two edged sword: It’s good to know what your weaknesses are but too easy to let them become the bulk of your self image. Confidence can come from anger, ignorance, or stupidity but until it comes from self respect it’s as weak as a wet tissue.

    Having said that I still haven’t mastered it in my life. I hope you have better progress with it than I.

    • I hear you. 🙂 Easier said than done, been there, done that. But i will keep writing, because it at-least allows me to put things in perspective. And aim for being better, even if im not. 🙂

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