I’m just a girl

So, since this is the season (for me atleast) for music. I love how i don’t need to express myself sometimes, there’s music to do it. When i’m sad, when i’m happy and when i just don’t want to talk.

Here’ a new favorite. It’s by an artist called ‘Bachelor Girl’ (irony!) and released in 2002. Funny that i’ve never heard it before.

I might be a little, concerned with my hair
I might need comfort, more than my share
I might seem to follow fashion, but claim that I don’t care
My heart is your best friend, when it rules my head

I might want to talk alot, but don’t ask me why
And I’ll get impatient, if you don’t reply
I might always search for something wrong, I want you to deny
And if you love me just stay close, and hold me when i cry

Don’t try to understand me, I’m just a girl
One of the greatest mysteries, you’ll find in this world
I’m not hard to handle, I’m just a girl
I’m just a girl

I don’t seek money, but I want your time
Cos I’d give my life for you, when you are mine
And it hurts me more than I can say when you pull away
But if you love me, you should tell me everyday

You might think I’m too demanding
But you’re just not understanding, no

I might like to take advice, but go my own way
And it’s when I hurt the most, I swear I’m okay
And it’s always when you least expect, I say I want to stay
it might take just a single kiss to steal my heart away.


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