There’s nothing to see here.

Really. Well except for how i’ve turned into one of those people who love their animals more than humans. Fo’ sho’ yo. 😐

This is how we roll, yo.

She has her own side of the bed. And pillow.

She hates waking up early on weekends. I didnt sleep the night!

For what it's worth, i bribed her with food.

And then we made out.

There's so much love, yet she won't change her status on Facebook. * sigh * I'll wait.


7 thoughts on “There’s nothing to see here.

  1. Currently, even I am without a job…..but, while at work, after a hard stressful day, just coming home and hugging my cat made all the difference..

    Me too love animals…and what’s good to see is that you don’t have a special breed…just normal stray (I hope I am right)….


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