Here’s what i choose to remember

This post needs no explanation. No thought. Nothing.

It’s just what it is.

He had me in the palm of his hand

We fell in love.. quick... hard...

...and so special.

What a kisser * sigh *

We had some fun times...

...that will last...


Nothing mattered...

...No-one mattered.

It was just us...

...and the love we shared.

We laughed...

...we cried.

We loved.

We lived.

We loved some more.

We made memories, it's over now. But this is what i choose to remember. Forever.


15 thoughts on “Here’s what i choose to remember

  1. Beautiful post….

    It kept me glued till the last image….I was hoping hard that in the end, I would read something like – And we will live happily ever after….You will find love again….

    God bless!

  2. Dear… since m too going thru all this.. although in a different way.. i totally understand… You are a gem of a girl.. god bless you sweetheart ..! :):)

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