Learning to love myself

I’ve often taken inspiration from Jacyln Rae, in my head it’s slightly creepy but she gives me hope, she gives me joy, most of all as she writes in her blog i feel each post speaks to me and on somedays that gets me by. We have never met or spoken on the phone too, but i hear her. I feel the pain she feels and i rejoice when she’s happy.

She has learned to love herself and in that joy, i have learn to let go, embrace all the good things that happen to me and weed out the negativity.

I love this post of hers and today i celebrate why being the way i am is great!


Single is watching When Harry Met Sally as many times as I want.

Single is realizing that I’m strongest when no one is holding me up.

Single is buying my own flowers.

Single is making plans without having to consult someone else.

Single is feeling prettier than ever.

Single is having lots of time for family and friends.

Single is collecting new hobbies.

Single is only having my own mood swings to deal with.

Single is cheering myself up after a hard day.

Single is deciding what I want in a partner and not settling.

Single is planning a vacation with my mom for Valentine’s Day.

Single is having my own identity.

Single is turning my cell phone off all day when I feel like it.

Single is dressing up for me, not someone else.

Single is following my dreams, not my partner.

Single is fabulous.”

I love her, in a non-creepy stalker way. Promise. Read her blog, you will too.


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