Truth be told…

So over the last week i’ve had a few revelations, delayed, but revelations none the less… I tweeted them out, just when i though about them, so i’m going to reproduce them here.

The saddest thing in live is when you fail to be creative. Or breathe.

I make no apologies for being as outspoken as i am. I make no apologies for being as emotional as i am.

I’d rather die with a light heart than a heart full of regrets and bottled-up emotions.

I’d rather let you know where you stand and how i feel about you and not regret it 10 years later.

I don’t know the reason why, my dreams don’t turn out right, still I’ll keep listening to my heart. Who knows, someday they might.

I like that even though the world around me is falling apart, i believe in hope. I am a dreamer and i live in my own world.

All of you can judge me all you want, by what i say, tweet or retweet, but it doesnt matter. I know who i am and i have nothing to prove.

While not all men are pigs, the ones that are teach us to love the ones that aren’t better.

I wouldnt want to live this life any other way, the scars, the troubles, the negatives have made me this way. No regrets.

I may talk filth but when it comes to loving the man i love, i’ve got an oldskool heart. I always give 110% – if that’s possible.

The good thing about being alive is that we have choices. Choices we are glad we made, choices that we learnt from. Perception matters.

Sometimes all you need is a glass of bourbon and some Jim Reeves.

It’s ok to be air-headed some of the time. But all the time just so you get popoular? That’s just sad. Be proud of your intelligence.

I’m okay with being ‘in-your-face’ and i will be once you grow a pair to be ‘in-my-face’.

Life is a learning curve. Battles pull us down, hope and life pull us up. We need to choose the battle worth fighting for.

We always hope a break will be right around the corner, but if we werent strong we wouldnt be here at all, yknow?

Do you know that feeling of anger and hatred that makes your heart psychically hurt? That’s healing.

Many of you here live your lives living up to other peoples expectations. So not necessary, be who you are. Nothing like it.

You don’t need people on the internet to validate you. Your existence is validation enough. Live up to your expectations.

I’ve missed me by changing for a lot of people, behaving a certain way. Falling over backwards, I missed me.

I’m here to be who i am. No masks. Either you like it or you don’t. You don’t HAVE TO like everyone you meet. That’s just scary.

Relationships come, relationships go. And that’s quite okay. They form the lines on our hands. The lines on our forehead. Makes us wiser.

Yes, i talk about sex and all that stuff you consider ‘gross’ but i’m also honest. I sometimes say things you wouldnt dare to.

We’ve given up our originality & voices because we dare to be politically correct. When we’re puled up for being controversial, we apologize

If heartache is the fashion, then i guess i’m in style. But when you are most emotional, that’s when change happens.

It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to let go, its okay to be angry. If God didn’t want us to have any emotions, he’d make us all politicians.

If everyone took the road more traveled, how boring would your life story be?

Women, you are worth everything and more! Don’t ever let a man touch you unless you are ready, if he truly loves you, he’ll wait.

When you stop changing yourself just so people accept you and you learn to love yourself is when you’ll be accepted.

When you’re fooling yourself into believing you are happy and in the midst of it all, you want to cry. CRY.

I don’t need your approval. I’d rather suffer the consequences than put up with knowing i messed up because i listened to someone else.

I’m old enough to know right from wrong and if i don’t, let me learn. I’ll learn better without you shoving it down my throat.

It’s okay. It’ll be alright. Remember to breathe.

I can walk with one leg too. So tear me down all you want. My mind is stronger than yours. It doesnt resort to violence.

Even if nothing good today happened, know that you have survived. Know that nothing good happens in little bits. Wait for the big blowout!

Today i realised that i’m strong enough to control the things i do. And with God on my side ANYTHING is possible. So what if you dont have everything you wanted in life? You have life don’t you?

The greatest thing about life is that i can ‘choose’ who i want to love. Even if it means that you dont love me back.

A million people will give you advice. A million people will shoulder your tears, but only you will be able to heal yourself.

Sometimes i miss you, sometimes it breaks my heart. But it also lets me know i am strong.

I’m okay with crying, even though it includes self-loathing. Because i make myself cry. Just like only i can make myself happy.

ALL my own thoughts, yes. COPYRIGHT! Also, i like how i am smart sometimes.

To all of you with your own battles that you are fighting, know that in this moment, you are strong. Dont stop believing!

So much love for you.



5 thoughts on “Truth be told…

  1. “Even if nothing good today happened, know that you have survived. Know that nothing good happens in little bits. Wait for the big blowout!”

    Wow thats brilliant thought!! and its true too!!

    your posts are really inspiring and heartfelt ! The naturalism is what keeps it so real! keep going..

  2. “All of you can judge me all you want, by what i say, tweet or retweet, but it doesnt matter. I know who i am and i have nothing to prove.”
    I wish I could believe and feel that. Not only on Twitter, but in general, online as well as what I write or say everyday.
    This post, it actually filled me with hope.
    I love love love LOVE it!
    Read a lot of your posts right now.
    You write amazing. E-mail subscribed just a minute ago.

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