Hug me!

I love hugs! From anyone! At anytime. Although if you are creepy; STAY AWAY!

It’s weird but even when i meet a person after interacting with them online for awhile either I hug you upon meeting you or keep my distance and smile. I’m so not a ‘hand-shaking’ person. I cant do it.

For those who know me very well, they know this is nothing new.I can never be hugged enough in return. If you stand with your arms wide open you can sure that i’ll come running to hug you in a jiffy!

For me it’s more than just a hug, it’s a reassurance that I am your friend whether we are close or not. Reassurance that i’ll be there in good times and especially the bad. Reassurance that you have a friend in me.

I hug because i care and because life is too short or unexpected to not show someone that you care. I would hate it if i knew there’d be a time when you were having a bad day and didnt want to talk about it. While that’s okay, the bad part would be that i wouldnt be able to hug you just to let you know that everything will be alright in its time.

So, to all my readers today, here’s a virtual hug! Letting you know that i am grateful for you being in my blog life and also taking the time to read this!

And if possible, hug me back! Leave a comment or simply when you go out today, tomorrow or whenever the next time is hug them. You can hug them good bye, hug them hello, hug them because they need it, or hug them just because.


Gimme some <3!

I gives hug. You like, pwomish!

Hug time, pliss?

Hug me please?


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