Earlier this year, I decided for reasons of my own to pack up and move cities to start a new job, a new life and new place to live in. Life throws you curve balls that eventually turn into boomerangs.

Although I’ve lived a life of not having regrets, 25 years later, I’ve made my first. My reason for the shift is ridiculous but like I said in one of my earlier posts ‘This is my crazy’. I didn’t think it through, I didn’t weigh the pros and cons, I just followed my heart. And while everyone says follow your heart and not your head, I’ve now learnt to listen to both.

Three years ago I moved to a city that embraced me with love and no judgements. Three years later I moved out and today I feel so judged and weighed in on what my status is.

I don’t hate this city, this is where the boy I will love for this lifetime comes from and it wil always be special to me. This is where I found love, love for food, love for history and friends.

I think what pains me the most is the loneliness, not having my-go-to-boy. Not thinking this move through. But I’ve been a flexible person ALL MY LIFE, so this shift isn’t going to pain me for long. In time, it’ll be another city I’ve lived in, got used to and then moved out. My heart is a traveller and my soul is a wanderer.

Yet, until the next move, Delhi, I’m here to stay and I will get by and I will learn to love you.


One thought on “Moving.

  1. Way to go M…..You are strong and I am so sure you will start loving Dilli soon 🙂 Just few hiccups and you will settle down eventually….and you have Nemo…..

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